Diablo 3 The Thrill Conquest Guide

In Season 24 in Diablo, this conquest will return to the set. In this guide read everything you need to know to successfully complete it.

Also, please note that Super Human Conquest is the same as The Thrill Conquest but for Hardcore game mode. So the only thing you need to do to obtain Super Human conquest is to follow the guidelines below but on Hardcore.

Today we will tell you some tips that will help you succeed in Diablo 3 The Thrill conquest.

So the main purpose of The Thrill conquest in Diablo III is to complete a Greater Rift 45 without wearing any set items. This is not an easy task as you will need to find good gear and learn some mechanics not related to the set.

The Thrill Conquest Preparation

First of all, you need to understand one thing. You cannot use any set items not even a piece and even if you don’t form a set of 2 pieces. Simply saying no green items must be equipped in order to succeed in The Thrill conquest.

Therefore, to complete this conquest you will need to experiment with the build you use and find synergies. We will give you an example of the must-use legendaries for fire damage build, for example.

  • Cindercoat (Legendary Chest Armor that reduces the resource cost of Fire skills by [23 – 30]%).
  • Magefist (Legendary Gloves that increase fire skills damage[15 – 20]%).
  • Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan (Legendary Pants that increase your resource generation and damage by [20 – 25]% while moving and decrease by [20 – 25]% while standing still).
  • Illusory Boots (Legendary Boots that let you may move unhindered through enemies).

You can work this out for any build and play with different variations. But Illusory Boots can be useful in any build or you can extract their secondary attribute with Kanai’s Cube. Great help for you will be Blizzard’s Official items list with all items and attributes that you can find in Diablo 3, just follow the link.

List of the recommended builds for The Thrill Conquest

Even though it is more comfortable to make the gear for this conquest yourself we suggest you look at the list of the build we made for the current Diablo 3 season below and look up for synergies to make them useful for The Thrill Conquest.

Also you can use one of the well-known builds from the list below.

  • Barbarian: Hammer of the Ancients Build;
  • Crusader: Thorns Build;
  • Demon Hunter: Multishot Build;
  • Monk: Lashing Tail Kick Build;
  • Necromancer: Poison Corpses Build;
  • Witch Doctor: Spirit Barrage Build;
  • Wizard: Frozen Orb Build.

We do hope our Diablo 3 The Thrill Conquest Guide was useful for you. If you still have any questions or suggestions leave them in the comments below.

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