Diablo 3 Years of War Conquest Guide

Diablo 3 has a lot of interesting tasks to complete in order to get specific achievements. One of such things this conquest. You can complete conquests as a seasonal event. In addition, each Diablo 3 season these conquests change. In this post, you will read all the details needed to obtain Diablo 3 Years of War Conquest.

Also, please note that Dynasty  Conquest is the same as Years of War Conquest but for Hardcore game mode. So the only thing you need to do to obtain Dynasty conquest is to follow the guidelines below but on Hardcore.

The task of Diablo 3 Years of War Conquest is to reach Greater Rift Level 55 Solo with the full bonuses of six class sets. You will do half of this conquest while playing actually, so it doesn’t need much effort to complete Years of War Conquest. Read Years of War Conquest tips and trick below.

How to Obtain Years of War Conquest?

In short, you need to pick a build that can easily farm high-level rifts. Enter 55 level Rift and complete it in 15 minutes. If you are an experienced Diablo 3 player you’ll succeed in no time. But the tricky bit is that you need to collect all 6 class set bonuses. Since you need to get all of them it may take some time. But you can always use Kadala’s help. If you don’t know how to use Kadala in order to get set items, read our Kadala Guide.

The other important thing is to roll necessary modifiers on set items. No need to craft perfect rolls or find ancient set pieces. You can even start farming level 55 Rifts at paragon level 200. So the major task is to understand what stats on items are primal:

  • main stat on set
  • vitality
  • skill damage
  • critical chance
  • critical damage
  • cooldown reduction

You can get creative and make your own roll combinations, but we have written the priority for you above.

As far as you need all six classes to complete this conquest don’t forget to collect all needed set items as you go. Also, take into the account that you will spend some time to level up your alts. To speed up your item sets grind use Skill of Nilfur recipe in Kanai’s Cube. You can read about it in our Diablo 3 Kanai‚Äôs Cube Full Guide. The Skill of Nilfur recipe consists of 1 set item (take worst duplicates you’ve got), 10 Death’s Breaths and 10 Forgotten Souls. As a result, you will get 1 random piece of the same set.

Also, we’d like to share with you pages of our website where you can find all class sets:

Try to find the easiest way. Don’t take hard to obtain sets or builds. Roll the stats on items that we wrote and enjoy playing Diablo 3.

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