Diablo 4 Monsters and Bosses Description

Every action RPG lovers are waiting for more information about Diablo 4. While it is still under development Blizzard share some particular details about the upcoming Diablo IV with their players. So today we will tell you more about the general principals of monsters and bosses in Diablo 4.

Monster Families

New Diablo is going to present a new approach to monsters’ creation. This time instead of creating different deadly foes Blizzard focused on grouping them in families. This means that all of them will have the same theme and looks. The first concept art we can see is the Drowned family.

the Drowned family Diablo IV

As you can see they are all tied up by their own topic. They can be found around the coasts of Scosglen. You can see what this region looks like in our previous post Open World and Multiplayer in Diablo 4. Moreover, the Drowned will be located only their and if you need to farm them, travel to the coasts of Scosglen and hunt them down.

This principal is related to all Diablo IV families. They will have a lot of things in common, not only looks but also area of inhabitance, affixes, abilities, loot etc.

Reimagining Affixes

In Diablo 4 monsters will act smarter than ever. Families will have affixes that change the way they act in accordance with their family and specification. For example, the Fallen family with their buff will have different skills modifications.

the Fallen family Diablo IV

If you see A Multishot enchanted ranged Fallen he will through three spears at you instead of one. But a Multishot enchanted Fallen Shaman will raise three fallen enemies now. In the very beginning of the game, it might not be so harmful, but it can change a lot in the end game.

Ashava and World Bosses

In the very first demo of Diablo IV Blizzard introduced a new type of monsters – World Bosses. This first world bosses’ name is Ashava and she is mighty enough so you will need to cooperate with other players to kill her.

Ashava and World Bosses

Ashava is the first but not the only one world boss in Diablo IV. You will find many of them in the world and you will need to be prepared for this battle. World Bosses in Diablo 4 will have personalized number of strong abilities that you must know before you even approach them. So you will need to find D4 world bosses guides and tactics in advance. Just keep that in mind for now. In any case, the stronger the boss the better the loot.

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