Diablo Immortal: Classes and Skills Progression

The release of Diablo Immortal on mobile devices is very soon, and we would like to consider in detail how the classes differ from the original game, as well as how exactly you can level up your characters.

Playable classes

The game is still in Technical Alpha, and only four of the six planned classes are available. Crusader and Necromancer will be added later, but now players have a lot to choose from:

Wizard Diablo Immortal
  • Barbarian. This fearsome warrior is able to leap into the thick of battle without a second of hesitation. Destroy and crush your enemies and let them flee in fear!
  • Demon Hunter. A dexterous and skilful shooter who takes advantage of any situation, be it cunning tricks or prepared traps, so as not to leave a single chance for enemies to touch him in any way.
  • Monk. Using ancient and sacred knowledge, this hero perfectly balances between furious attacks and impeccable defence, which allows him to achieve perfection in battle.
  • Wizard. Masters who bridled magic, in addition to deadly skills, also have techniques that allow you to immobilize enemies or escape from danger.

Diablo Immortal Class Abilities List

Each class, unlike previous parts of Diablo, has its own set of skills. They are divided into:

  • Primary Attacks
  • Skills

All classes have 2 unique Primary Attacks, from which you have to choose one. By using Primary Attacks in combat, you will also charge up the Ultimate, which will give it a significant boost for a short time. In addition, there are 4 Skills slots available to you, which you independently choose, based on how it is more convenient for you to play. Each class has a wide range of skills, be it offensive, defensive, or controlling skills.


This system is well known to those who have played Diablo 3. After reaching the maximum level, you will be able to get new levels – Paragon levels. Therefore, the experience gained for killing monsters will not be wasted. However, in Diablo Immortal, this system received significantly more options for levelling your character.

Paragon Talent Trees

First of all, players will have access to as many as ten Paragon Talent Trees to choose from! There are four of them available in Technical Alpha so far, namely:

  • Survivor – significantly increases your chances of surviving a battle with demons;
  • Treasure Hunter – increases the experience gained, and also significantly increases the amount of gold and other valuable things that you drop out;
  • Vanquisher – improves your skills to quickly destroy monsters;
  • Gladiator – this branch is indispensable for PvP battles.

But that’s not all. First of all, each tree will have to be opened, so this will take some work. In addition, up to 100 points can be invested in each Paragon Tree, which is divided into two groups – Permanent Attributes and Specialization Skills. If everything is clear with Permanent Attributes, they give an increase to your stats forever, then Specialization Skills have their own characteristics.

In Diablo Immortal you can only have one active tree, which can be switched to another at any time. You can level up any of the open trees, but only the active one will give access to the Specialization Skills levelled in it. So don’t forget to activate the Paragon Tree to get the benefits from them.

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