Diablo Immortal Upcoming Gameplay

Closed alpha testing of Diablo Immortal, a new game from the well-known universe, has already begun. The game will take place between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. So get ready to go in search of adventure in the massively multiplayer online world, which, in addition to the dangers, is fraught with a lot of new and exciting. Your main task will be to thwart the insidious Skarn, the Herald of Terror, which plans to awaken an ancient evil – the Lord of Terror himself!

What’s new:

Players have a choice of four classes – barbarians, monks, demon hunters, and wizards. Each class has its own unique characteristics and skills that will be useful both in solo and in a group. A new character levelling system is waiting for you – Paragon Trees. It will allow players to choose specializations and options for improving skills.

You will be able to visit Westmarch, the capital of the location that you visited in Act V Diablo 3. Gather with friends in the tavern, join or create your guild and take the dangerous quest on the Bounty Board – all this is available to you!

Behind the safe walls of the city, as many as six huge Open World Zones are waiting for you, one of which is the legendary Library of Zoltun Kulle. Each of them offers adventures, events and rewards. Also, each zone has its own unique Zone Trial, which promises a generous reward for those who can pass it. And do not forget about dungeons – you can go through them solo or in a group, and the treasures that you receive will depend on the chosen difficulty. If this is not enough for you, then Elder and Challenge Rifts are always open – get an epic loot for clearing them.

Legendary loot awaits in Diablo Immortal! As in any game from this series, you can get the best equipment by killing monsters. In addition, you can spend the found gold on the purchase of new items and reagents that will be useful to you. Now thanks to the Item Ranking system, you can salvage unnecessary equipment in order to spend the received materials to improve your armour. You can also enhance your items with regular and Legendary Gems, which will significantly enhance the item’s base stats and unlock new passive properties. Charms are also back in the game – special items that will give the player bonuses to skills. They will have a separate slot in their equipment, so they won’t take up space in the bag!

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