Diablo IV Classes List

The next part of Diablo series is still under development but Blizzard is sharing a lot of information about the future features and gameplay in Diablo IV. Today we want to tell you more about Classes in diablo IV and their description.

All classes in Diablo IV will differ by their mechanics to the previous series. You will see that each class has its specialities and uses weapons and powers in a new particular way. There are going to be more than three classes in Diablo IV, of course, but now we know more about only three of them.


A powerful and merciless melee warrior. Barbarian wields all kinds of the most powerful weapons from axes to hammers. But what’s more, the player can adjust to the situation and change weapons, armed with sharp axes, one in each hand.

A distinctive feature of the Barbarian in Diablo 4 is that he can switch between four weapons at any time. That will give him the opportunity to dynamically respond to the situation.


A delightful master of magic. The arcane power of this class is unthinkable. And although the character himself seems vulnerable, his powers will not give himself under attack. Like the previous class, Sorceress will be able to switch between his skills in Fire, Cold, and Lightning. 

And new Chilling mechanics will allow you to control the movement of enemies. The more Cold damage you deal, the more foes will be slowed, frozen, and eventually shattered by your attacks.


The Druid finally returns to Diablo’s universe. The master of nature and shapeshifter confidently enters the battle with demons. You will be able not only to control forces of earth and storm magic but also get in shape of Werebear or Werewolf.

The variety of skills will directly affect the forms. Storm magic persists on the battlefield, so you’ll be able to unleash torrents of lightning, wind, and rain before shifting forms to ravage foes.


A great return of rogue to the sanctum. As all classes in Diablo IV are made with specific abilities to transform their powers in different ways rogue is not an exception. With an ability to equip melee weapons like daggers and swords for melee combat and bows and crossbows for ranged attacks.

Rogue in Diablo 4 plays with versatility. You can play as an assassin or deadly eye archer, with traps or even poison. This class is not just for fans of the original Rogue—Assassin and Demon Hunter players will notice some of our favourite tricks of the trade have come back as well.

Rogues have three specializations: Combo Points, Shadow Realm, and Exploit Weakness. They bring along specific gameplay options for the rogue. For example, with Shadow Realm you can put targeted enemies into the shadow realm for 5 seconds and deal 50% damage on them. With Exploit Weakness you can make hits against the enemies with the weakness deal critical strike with 60% more damage. And combo points specialization will add combo points to your basic attacks and you can use those points to make some abilities perform differently or stronger.

In addition, rogues will be able to do side quests around the world that no other classes can do. For example, with Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, the remnants of that Order that you choose to work with, the mercenaries of Kehjistan or the outlaw smugglers of the swamps of Hawezar. They will influence your specialization or playstyle.

We will add even more information about other classes as soon as we know about them.

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