Diablo IV Skill Points and Talent Trees System

Diablo IV is a new generation of aRPGs. As any modern game of such genre, it will include systems that will help you customize your character. To achieve this you will see Diablo IV Skill Points and Talent Trees System.

Diablo IV Skill Points

You will be able to earn skill points by levelling up or interacting with rare tomes around the world. Moreover, you can choose what to do with the accumulated points. For example, save them for the future in order to pump in advanced skills that will appear at the end of the game.

At first, the developers thought to implement a fairly simple and straightforward skill points distribution system. But after hearing the opinion of the community, they decided to complicate and improve it. This is how the new tree system for skill points have appeared. You can see an example of it below in the Sorceress skill tree.

Diablo 4 skill tree

In Diablo 4 skill tree you can unlock new skills, upgrade them and open passive points that will help you upgrade and modify other skills. Active skills are shown in squares.

Diablo 4 Skill Tree Actives

If you spend skill points in circle nodes you will upgrade the active skills that you have already unlocked.

Diablo 4 Skill Tree Actives Improvements

As you can see the active skill Charged bolts you can upgrade with a circle node to make it create an additional bolt.

Also, you will see passive skills between active and upgrade nodes. They look like little drops of blood.

Diablo 4 Skill Tree Passives

And in the roots of the tree you can see final nodes used to unlock powerful effects. They are also passive ones.

Diablo 4 Skill Tree Passives

This new Diablo 4 skill system gives a lot of opportunities and variations for builds and playstyle. With a focus on active skills, you will have the ability to enhance them with passive nodes. But keep in mind that you cannot take all the skills and modes in the tree only around 30%-40% by the end of the game. On the other hand, Blizzard promises to add clustering system to make it easier to find and upgrade the skills that you need.

As for respec options. You will be able to respec your active and passive skills unlimited times but it won’t be for free. As in the end-game, changing your build will require a significant investment, to appropriately match the time and effort you’ve put into defining your character.

Diablo IV Talent Trees

As we have already mentioned in Diablo IV Classes List all classes in Diablo 4 will be unique and have different play styles. For example, the uniqueness of Sorceress is Enchantment System. Barbarian has Arsenal system and Druid may have shapeshifting forms.

That means that Sorceress can change her active skills by modifying them from different schools. Barbarian on the other hand will use different weapons and skills for fighting. And Druids will change their form to overcome their enemies. Having all this in mind you will see them reflect this approach in talent trees.

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