Diablo IV Unveiled

The major announcement made on Blizzcon is about the new series of Diablo. Yes, you are right Diablo IV Unveiled! We are happy and excited about this news and want to give you more details about it. Further, we will show you a cinematic for Diablo IV, write about classes and main features of the upcoming game.

First of all, let’s talk about lore a bit. So the events take place decades after Diablo III when three treasure hunters and one curious explorer appear in one particular place they meant to appear. Confusing? Watch the trailer cinematic to get the idea.

So the three will come! They come for treasure and knowledge, but open the door to the pure hell! Lilith is the mother of all humans in the Diablo universe will come after that. It is very intriguing and terrifying all the same ways.

Gameplay and features of Diablo IV Unveiled

As for the gameplay, we don’t know too much information as the game is in early development. Moreover, developers told that it won’t appear even Blizzard-soon. So, for now, we operate on with the facts from the Diablo IV announcement.

So we know for sure that Diablo IV will be a grimdark game with very atmospheric graphics. Also, developers said that players in Diablo IV will be able to travel on horses. All of them look very gothic in the first pictures. But one of the most interesting things is the open world! Blizzard promised to make an open-world map of the Sanctuary. There you will be able to kill some bossed or even make quests. More information about it will be later.

Diablo IV Classes

In addition, we know about three classes that will definitely appear in Diablo IV: Witch, Barbaric and Druid. Everyone gets excited about Druid, as it is the first time it appears in the series after the second part.

To sum up, Diablo IV is the game all fans have been waiting for so long! That’s a great victory for Blizzard to unveil it finally. We hope to learn more information about gameplay and discuss them with you!

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