Diablo IV Update – Summer 2020

The realization that Diablo 4 is at the development stage itself enthrals. But even more, emotions arise when we see real news about the current state of the game. Today we would like to tell you more about the news provided by Blizzard. You will learn about Diablo IV gameplay features that have been already added into the core of the game, such as storytelling, open-world, multiplayer and some words about items.

Diablo 4 Storytelling

Diablo Storytelling

The game promises to be saturated and atmospheric. The game promises to be saturated and atmospheric. Moreover, Blizzard makes sure that the player is maximally involved in the grimdark atmosphere of the game. Thus you will experience several approaches to storytelling.

  • Bring the camera in closer to the characters but with isometric feel. This will be used in situations when a player interacts with NPCs.
  • Closer camera approach with the character’s movements and animations more deliberately hand-crafted. This will be used with NPCs interaction as well but with crucial story terms.
  • Real-time cutscenes. It is like usual Blizzard cutscenes but you here will wear the current gear and the resolution and graphics settings of you game settings will remain for the cutscenes as well.

With these great approaches, a player will have all the opportunities to fell the atmosphere of Diablo IV on one’s own skin. You can also, check the awesome Diablo IV Unveiled trailer to feel the upcoming Diablo IV atmosphere.

Open-world and Multiplayer in Diablo

None of the previous ARPGs could perform classical open-world feature into the game. Everything depends on the specific of the genre. Moreover, you will be definitely driven from the atmosphere of the game if Diablo becomes overcrowded. As for the parties, you can join them, but not forced to, so you can walk through the game alone.

Open-world in Diablo

In order to prevent it, developers will add layouts to the game that will allow a different number of players for different zones. For example, you will see a very small number of other players while travelling around the world, a great amount in cities and the greater one in the world invasion events (where you need to kill a great boss with other players for rewards). As for the Diablo IV gameplay features that have been already announced.

  • Crafting
  • Events
  • World PvP
  • Side quests
  • Camps
  • Mounts

These are the main features that are upcoming in Diablo IV. This time Blizzard shared some information about camps. These will be hidden zones on the map, which you will have to clear from monsters and help NPCs to settle in there. In the long run that camp will become a mini town with waypoint and vendors.

Diablo IV Items and Progression

There is not much known about the current stage of the item progression. But the general idea has been shared earlier this year.

D4 items
Diablo 4 legendaries

Various items from the playtest utilizing the new attribute system.

We don’t want to make quick judgments and will wait until the next update about this topic.

Diablo IV next update

From now on Diablo 4 developers will share their progress with us regularly and based on their progress and screenshots we will share information with you. The next update will cover the talents tree and classes progression. Unfortunately, we don’t know when it going to be, so follow us in order to know about the latest news.

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