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Later we have discussed a leak about new The Sims 4 game pack. There you can read the preview to the expansion. Further in this post, you will read the Discover University review. We will highlight a lot of gameplay features and explain our rating!

Discover University Gameplay and features

Discover University Gameplay

First of all, let’s talk about the main features of the pack. Now you can attend a university. But that is not as easy as you may think. Firstly, you need to pay for your high education. So before sending any applications think how you are going to pay for it.

Price for education in The Sims 4

There are several ways to make your studies affordable. First, you can apply for a scholarship. In Discover University review we will name some of their types.

  • Native citizen (you can apply for this programme in any city, but don’t think it will definitely work our for you).
  • Poor families.
  • Sports scholarship.
  • Scholarship for working Sims.
  • Scholarship for “geniuses” (if you are really good at something you can count on this one).

While playing you can find some other types of getting a scholarship. If you don’t get one, you can decrease your expenses. For example, pick the programme you can pay for, or stay at home not to pay for the campus.

Discover university review scholarships

Besides, you can always take credit for your education. If you do so you’ll need to pay off the full price with percents. But don’t worry, if you manage to get a diploma, you’ll find a job in a blink of an eye to pay off all the debts.

But, of course, you can pay with cash. If you are from a rich family that’s the easiest way.

In any case, you should work hard each semester, as you have to pay per each separately. Moreover, there is a chance to get an extra scholarship for a new semester or to lose the old one if you fail.

Universities in The Sims 4

Ther two universities in Discover university. Both of them have prestigious and regular programmes. When you apply for the higher education you apply automatically for all of them. In a few days, you’ll get a response. There you will see the programmes you managed to get into. That’s where you pick a programme and degrees.

Each semester lasts for 5 working days (Monday – Friday), but be careful as your semester starts the following day from your entrance day. So, you can start on Thursday or any other working day.

Anyway, to get a diploma you will need to study 12 different subjects. The minimum of picked subjects per semester is one, and the maximum is 4. You can choose them from major subjects and additional ones. Note, if you are willing to grab all 4 subjects in a semester your sim will have to work really hard to complete all of them. And if he doesn’t he’ll be able to be expelled from the current programme.

Discover university review sports

The optimal number of subjects is 2. In that case, you will have enough time for studying and student life. As there are many other activities you can do at a university. For example, you can become a part of a football team or a cybersport team. You’ll have a lot of training and championships at the end of a week.

Moreover, you can attend special lectures and even teach some of the courses yourself. Besides, there are three students’ groups you can participate in. To get some benefits from your group you need to level up by completing daily tasks.

To complete a course you’ll need to visit lectures and be in time and focused. Besides, you’ll need to succeed in one of the following tasks: pass your term paper, pass a term presentation or pass a term exam. In 5 working days when all the courses end you’ll get your results and an ability to sign for the next semester.

Discover university review – Where can you live

In this game pack, The Sims 4 has some great new features that influence your Sims’ life. For example, now you can easily move out and separate from your current family with a shared budget. It means that when you move out you can divide your family’s budget and give some cash to the sim that is willing to live alone.

Discover University review bicycle riding

While you study at university you can choose where to live. It can be one of two campuses, crowded with other students. Or you can rent a room in a house. You can always stay at your home, of course. Also, keep in mind that while you are on campus you cannot turn building mode. All the stuff you can buy from special shopping points. There you can find uniform, laptops, bicycles small fridges etc.

After you get your diploma you must move out. You will be given some time to collect all of your stuff so don’t be afraid. The same thing happens if you decided to change your place of living in the next semester.

Discover University Review – Graphics and Controls

In the new game pack, The Sims 4 has different styles combined in one city. The modern architecture and the classical one. That looks pretty good and atmospheric.

Discover University review campus events

As for the controls. It is pretty easy to learn all-new features, but there is still a problem with riding a bicycle. Not all surfaces can allow you to ride and, on the other hand, you can start riding it indoors for some reason.

Sound and Narrative

In Discover Univesity game pack you will see new audios in simlish. Jut turn your tape recorder on!

Every university and new city have their narrative. You can play in accordance with it to live through the atmosphere of the game pack.

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    70Total Score

    Our reviews are based on five criteria that allow us to give the most accurate assessment of the game. Gameplay displays the main features of the game, mechanics and overall player's game interaction. Narrative reveals the main storyline, well-written dialogue and the impact of the player's actions on the world around them, as well as the atmosphere. Graphics shows how well a game looks visually, regardless of type and perspectives. Sound is how well the dialogue and sounds of the game are sounded, as well as how the music and soundtracks accompany the game. Last but not least, Controls are how comfortable they are and allow the player to expect full control over their character.

    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • A lot of new gameplay. Which is beyond just university stuff
      • You can enter university anytime and study from any place you want. No need to move out or abandon your family.
      • When you live on campus you cannot succeed in all holiday events as you cannot turn on building mode.
      • There are some issues with driving a bicycle
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