Drake Hollow Review

What is Drake Hollow? The developers from The Molasses Flood were able to combine several top genres at once in one game – Survival, Sandbox and Colony Sim. And this is with an online co-op! By yourself or together with a friend, you can rebuild your personal settlement, taking care of its inhabitants – both about the resources for existence and their safety.

Drake Hollow Combat

Welcome to The Hollow

Your main task is to save Drakes, for this, you will have to create the necessary conditions for them. You have to take care of resources like water and food, as well as where to live and what to do. And get ready to defend them from The Feral – aggressive monsters that prowl these lands and are ready to attack the defenceless Drakes at any moment.

Drake Hollow Gameplay

Despite the devastation around, the game is very bright and colourful. Separately, it is worth noting the filling of the world – we are waiting for abandoned buildings, which contain a huge amount of various loot. Exploration and combat with The Feral are closely intertwined – get ready to fend off various types of enemies while you try to find the materials and resources necessary for life.

Drake Hollow Drakes

Crafting buildings for your base is not so easy. A level is required (which increases with the number and age of Drakes), as well as schematics – a necessary ingredient to open a recipe. In addition, various useful things will come in handy, such as the Aether Ward, which will help you get to the neighbouring islets. And yes, the game is not that simple – resources are limited. At first, you will have to research and collect all available resources, because they do not appear again after logging into the game.

Drake Hollow Dialogues

The game is very dynamic and challenging in its own way. Managing resources and caring for its inhabitants is not an easy task. However, boredom is not useful! Dynamic battles and a picturesque world with dangerous enemies add action and make the game interesting and exciting! And don’t forget to add the game to your wishlist on Steam.

  • Summary
    81Total Score

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      • Great PvE survival game
      • Unique atmosphere
      • A bit difficult to get into the game without guides
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