Dungeons of Edera Review

Embark on an adventure in dangerous and unexplored dungeons where loot and glory await brave heroes! Who would refuse such a thing? Developers from Monster Tooth Studios will allow players to take on the role of these adventurers in their game called Dungeons of Edera. This is the Roguelite Action RPG Dungeon Crawler coming to Early Access on Steam very soon – August 28. So what is the game like at the moment?

Dungeons of Edera Character Creation

Epic adventure

The game has 2 modes – Campaign and Dungeon Runner. In the campaign mode, the player will be able to explore dungeons (and not only), and enjoy the storyline and the opportunity to transfer part of his honestly found goods to his descendants (for characters who will be created after his death), but there is also a softcore version of death – the character leaves his level, but loses all the loot. As you progress through the game, you will discover talents, various locations and cities, as well as NPCs (merchants, blacksmiths and trainers). Dungeon Runner is only random dungeons with monsters and loot, where all talents are open and part of the gold after death will go to Campaign’s stash.

Dungeons of Edera Chest

How and with what your character will fight completely depends on you. There are several classic archetypes in the game such as a warrior with a shield and one-handed weapon, an archer, a rogue with 2 swords/daggers, and a caster with a wand and spells. The talent tree makes it possible not only to concentrate on one of the listed types of builds, but to combine and create new ones. Also, for killing a boss in each dungeon, you can get buffs that will remain until the death of the character.

Dungeons of Edera Quests

As for the loot, it is very difficult to describe – there is a lot of it! As for the loot, it is very difficult to describe – there is a lot of it! Items of various quality fall from almost every monster, and it will not be difficult to find chests full of gold and equipment. As for monsters, things are a little worse. There are very few different types of monsters in the game, although outwardly they differ. Each level of the dungeon has a boss, but they are very often repeated.

Dungeons of Edera Gameplay

The game looks very good at this stage and will not make the player bored. You can go through the storyline and just clean the random levels for more than a dozen hours. The disadvantages are the unfinished interface and content variability. We hope that by the full release there will also be improved controls and other minor flaws in the gameplay.

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
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    • Controls
      • Tons of loot
      • Wide variety of skills and builds
      • Beta - game still needs a lot of optimization
      • Lacking content
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