Easy Tips to Win in Hyper Roll

Hyper Roll is a new quick game mode in Teamfight Tactics. It is dynamic and fast, but also interesting and addictive in some ways. There are many differences between Hyper Roll and TFT, which you can check in our previous post New Quick Mode in TFT: Hyper Roll. Also, you will find a separate ranking system in Hyper Roll with its own tiers and rewards. We have covered it in Hyper Roll Tiers and Ranking System. Today we will share with you some easy tips that will let you climb the ladder in Hyper Roll faster and not just enjoy the game but actually win.

Best Comps to Win in Hyper Roll
Hyper Roll Carries, Origins and Classes Tier Lists

How to win in Hyper Roll?

First of all, you need to remember that it is a quick mode of TFT, so it is crucial to know how the game works. So the first few tips will be related not only to Hyper Roll but to TFT as well.

  • Learn the game. In Hyper Roll you need to play fast, make quick decisions and rotations. That’s why you should start learning in TFT. Play at least two unranked games in TFT to learn the basics of the game. As a match in TFT lasts around 40 minutes you will have plenty of time for that.
  • Learn the champions. The other important thing is to learn what champions are available in the game, what abilities they have and what combos are better for them. No need to learn all of them, but for an effective Hyper Roll section you need to know what champions to reroll and which one to collect and in what combinations.
  • Think in advance. Before you start your climb in Hyper Roll be ready to know the most effective and playable combos. Don’t focus only on the one team, have in mind different combinations. It will get useful if someone collects what you wanted.
  • Know the meta. Check what is the most popular carry. That information will help you in different cases. First of all, you can try to play it and win if you are lucky to collect the best combo. And in the other case, you can just buy it and stack it to reduce the pool of it for other players. If you didn’t know Hyper Roll uses the same system as TFT – there is a shared pool of champions with other players. So if you take the carry even if you don’t want to play it the other players will not get it and won’t be able to collect it fast.

Now let’s move to Hyper Roll oriented tips.

  • Count your lives. Your HP lowers differently in Hyper Roll. All players have 20 HP and every player takes equal damage on loss during the one stage. There are 9 stages in Hyper Roll, each stage has a different number of damage from 2 points in stage 2 to 8 points in stage 9. You can always see how much damage you get if you lose in this round by hovering on the icon at the top next to the stage number. In the picture the icon is orange and it says that you get 6 damage.
Hyper Roll damage
  • Win early game. By all means, try to win early game. It will save you more life for the end game. We will write a separate post about how to win the early game in Hyper Roll. But here we will give some major tips.
    • Reroll until you get silver. Make all your champions silver champions. Even if they don’t match together as a team you can sell some later when you get the proper combo by mid-game.
    • Strong tanks are a must. Be sure to have at least two strong tanks in the early game.
    • Level up carries as fast as you can. Even though tanks must be strong in the early game you can always change them in the midgame. But your many carry must enter mid-game all set for the fight. All items must be focused on him and it is worth rerolling all gold in the early game to level up your carry. Also, you can collect some champions that support him with attack speed or damage.
  • Check your opponents. It is important to see what other players are collecting. Click on the icon of your opponent to see his board and all current combos.
  • Save up in the mid game. In the midgame, you might not need to reroll all your gold. Save some for later especially if you are winning. You will need this gold later when you level up and need to hunt for 5 gold champions.
  • React in the end game. In the end game, you need to be focused and not as on your board as like on others’. In the end game, there will be around 4 players including you and you can follow how they change their board to overcome you. On the other hand, you can also change your rotation to defeat players. Look what is their main carry and try to hunt it down. Make your board work for you but not just stand in the same positions. especially if it is a losing one.

These Hyper Roll tips are designed for starting players and will help you recognize more advanced strategies in future. Everything depends on practice and your desire. We will write more posts that will help you play Hyper Roll more effective.

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