Epic Games Store Free Mystery Games – May 2021 Sale

Mystery games from the Epic Games store are up again. You will see the sequence of great mystery games coming every week during The Epic MEGA Sale. Here we will tell you more about the sale and share some Epic Games Store Free Mystery Games leaks and predictions.

The Epic MEGA Sale will last for 4 weeks and brings lots of fun, sales, free mystery games, and $10 Epic Coupons. The Epic MEGA Sale has started May 20 and will last till June 17. Read on to learn more about the coupons that you get.

How does The Epic MEGA Sale coupon work?

The first $10 Epic Coupon you can get for free when you claim a free mystery game. But that’s not all, as each time you use an Epic Coupon during the MEGA Sale, you’ll get another one. Each eligible purchase grants another Epic coupon for your next purchase of any full game $14.99 and up! Yes, that means that you cannot use the Epic Coupon on a game that costs less then $14.99. So be careful.

If you’ve already pre-purchased any eligible game that launches during the Epic MEGA Sale (May 20 – June 17, 2021), you’ll benefit from a partial refund to account for our $10 Epic Coupons (or local equivalent).

You can also claim your first coupon for free here. Simply click on claim button to activate it.

The Epic MEGA sale titles

A lot of great titles participate in The Epic MEGA sale this time. You can see that a your $10 coupon is eligible for new games like Unexplored 2 (now in Early Access), and Grindstone! Also, some of the titles with good discounts are:

And a lot of other offers with bundles and more. You can check them all out through this link.

Street Shadows Challenge Pack in Fortnite

Exclusively available to PC players for a limited time, claim the Free Street Shadows Challenge Pack in Fortnite! As part of the Epic MEGA Sale festivities, a new free pack is making its debut in Fortnite: the Street Shadows Challenge Pack!

To claim it from the Item Shop, simply login to Fortnite from the Epic Games Launcher on PC any time from May 20 to June 17 at 11:00 AM Eastern.

After that, complete the Challenges at your own pace to unlock the Ruby Shadows Outfit, Blackout Bag Back Bling, Shadow Slicer Pickaxe, and the Sky Shadow Glider. These new Locker items make up the Street Shadows Set, a shadowy twist on the popular Street Stripes Set.

What is the next Epic Games Store Mystery Game?

But everyone is very eager to know what’s the next mystery game that you will claim for free in the Epic Games this week. Reminding you that the first mystery game that you can claim now is NBA 2K21. But what’s next? What is the second mystery game from Epic Games? WE have some predictions for you below.

A lot of speculations have raised after the tweet from Epic Games Store, you can see it below.

So what’s about that Goat emoji? Do you have any ideas for the next Epic Games mystery game? A lot of users think it might be Goat Simulator. What do you guys think?

Goat Simulator

Others are thinking about Dying Light 2 as they will have the event started on 27th May, which is the day of the next free mystery game in the Epic Games Store.

Dying Light 2

Some other Epic Games Store free mystery games lists include the titles that you can see below.

Big stuff:

  • Fall Guys
  • Sonic Mania
  • Train Sim World 2
  • Unreal Tournament 3

Small stuff:

  • Anno
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Pyre
  • Rayman

These are predictions from the community and some mystery games leaks are also like this:

mystery games leaks

But we remind you that these are speculations and predictions that don’t have any proof. Below you will see the list of actual Free Mystery Games from Epic Games Store:

  1. NBA 2K21 May 20 – May 27
  2. Among Us May 27 – June 3
  3. ??? June 3 – June 10
  4. ??? June 10 – June 17

We will update this list when we know more information, stay tuned.

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