Eternal Return: Black Survival Review

Now it will not be difficult to find a game in the style of Battle Royale, but despite their number, they are not much that are different from each other. But the developers from Nimble Neuron were able to come up with a new, unusual combination of three genres at once – Battle Royale, MOBA and Survival RPG.

Be quick or be dead

I think it’s not hard to guess that the main task for the player will be to survive as long as possible and become the only one who defeated all opponents or did not die in this secret experimental arena. The game map is divided into several zones, which become restricted very quickly, forcing players to constantly move and push them towards each other.

Eternal Return Black Survival Gameplay

The games are very dynamic and fast – on average, the battle lasts 10-15 minutes, at the 17th minute all zones have the restricted status, leaving only a small arena area for the surviving players. By the way, the number of players is also not very large – 15-18 people, depending on the mode. So get ready to fight in PvP from the very first minutes of the game, finding a secluded place and sitting out is unlikely to work.


While there are 12 characters in the game, each has its own unique skills and available weapon types. Depending on the selected weapon, a new skill will become available to the player, and it will also affect the style of play for the character since each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses. You will receive experience to increase the level for any actions you take – whether it is exploring a zone, searching boxes, or killing mobs or other players. Therefore, the most active players will very quickly increase their level, and with it their skills and characteristics.

Eternal Return Black Survival Crafting

What will really help you survive and win is your equipment? The character has 6 slots for weapons and armour, as well as a bag for reagents and supplies. Use whatever you can find to craft yourself a new bow or axe, as well as armour. Most of the reagents are in abandoned buildings and boxes, but some of them can be collected from bushes or by killing animals. Also, supply drops spawn from time to time, which contain already crafted armour and weapons. The game has a very interesting crafting tree – start the game with a starting weapon and upgrade it as you find the necessary ingredients.

Game Modes

The game has several modes – Solo, Duo and Squad. In the solo mode, you have to do everything alone, fighting against other players, and remain the last survivor of 15 participants. Duo and Squad modes allow you to create a group of 2 or 3 players and this will increase the number of participants in the match to 18. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the game is still in development, the ability to play PvP is limited. There is a special schedule for two servers, where you will find at what time you can play with other players and in what modes.

Eternal Return: Black Survival PvP modes SCHEDULE is here

Eternal Return Black Survival Statistics

Eternal Return: Black Survival is an excellent game for Battle Royale lovers, with a very dynamic style of play, where your victory will depend on knowing the map and finding the right reagents, as well as on the ability to properly use your character’s capabilities and skills.

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