Exilecon: News and Announcements

First of all, let’s talk about the major announcements made on the first day of Exilecon:

  • Path of Exile 2 (patch 4.0 all POE fans were waiting for)
  • New expansion: Conquerers of the Atlas
  • New league: MetaMorph
  • Moreover an announcement of Mobile and Mac OS versions

Further, we will give more details about every piece of news.

Path of Exile 2 – Exilecon details

Before we move forward, please, check out the trailer of POE 2 below.

The most intriguing announcement everyone has been waiting for is about patch 4.0, which appeared to be nothing else as Path of Exile 2! An absolutely new campaign is waiting for us. And it will be set 20 years after the first game. Developers promise to “bring difficulty back into the campaign”. Moreover, they also didn’t forget about the first part of the game – players will be able to choose whether to play the basic game or sequel. But in the long run, all of them will get to the same endgame content, which will unite first and second parts of Path of Exile.

Path of Exile New Skill Gem Page

Visualization is stunning with its beauty and together with that inspires fear before unknown. New lights in the game bring new edges to the gameplay as dark corners and caves will hide monsters from players’ sight. Therefore, you’ll experience an element of surprise and make you stay alarmed. In addition, developers promise to remake the system of zones generation. Meaning that they’ll make zones more puzzling and unique without old layouts with entrance and exit in particular places.

Exiles and Ascendencies

In Path of Exile 2, you will see new exiles, that will remain their archetypes: Witch, Ranger, Marauder etc., but with new Ascendencies. For example, Ranger will have Survivalist and Beast Master Ascendencies unlike POE 1.

Path of Exile New Currency

Besides, you will see more great updates. One of them is a New Socket System! Now you will have a separate page for your skill gems, where you will be able to link active and passive gems. Therefore, you can create several 6L skills! Moreover, weapons and armour will have slots only for active gems, that will give you a chance to change these items more often. Which is extremely useful during levelling, as you won’t need to worry that there won’t be a chance to get 4-5L items. As when the new patch hits all your links will be on Skill Gems page.

PoE 2 Bosses

As for the new gems. Of course, we will see a lot of new ones. Especially intriguing one is Shapeshifting! Yes, in the new patch you will be able to change forms and become a werewolf. So any time, even during the battle, you can swap from ranged combat to melee massacre!

New League and Atlas Expansion – Exilecon

The new change will hit endgame! Conquerers of the Atlas expansion comes to replace the old War for the Atlas battle between Shaper and The Elder. You can expect new map progression, there you will start in the middle of the Atlas. That will upgrade all maps for the particular Atlas zone. Also, you will see new bosses: rogue exiles. In addition, you’ll see 4 new influenced rare items types at once and a new currency type, that will drop from new bosses.

Those of you who like playing with bow skills will be pleased to know about new skill gems: new Ice Shot, New Ballista Totem, Shrapnel Ballista and Artillery Ballista skill gems. Also, there will be an upgrade of all support gems. As it was mentioned on Exilecon: Support gem+, which even on the first level will be better than old ones on the 20th level.

New Challenge League will be Metamorph, coming December 13th. In the new league players can create amalgamations with different abilities, which you can choose yourself. Moreover, you will see a new opportunity of adding quality to jewellery, and related recipes to it.

Path of Exile Mobile and Mac OS version

At the end of the presentations of Exilecon day 1, Chris Wilson announced that Path of Exile comes to Mobiles together with Mac OS. You can check out the trailer below.

As you can see PoE will run on both iOS and Android (no joking really!). And the developers’ team is working on porting PoE to Mac OS with common servers of the PC version of the game.

To sum up, we’d like to share with you a link to the schedule of the Exilecon. There you can read extra details about the announcements you are interested in!

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