Farming in My Time at Sandrock

We are excited and thrilled about the future release of My Time at Sandrock. The game is in closed testing right now, but there is going to be a playable demo on Steam Soon where players will be able to play some farming features. Read on to learn more.

Even though we don’t know when My Time at Sandrock releases yet we can share the news about the upcoming demo. My Time at Sandrock ‘Story Demo’ is coming on June 16th, 2021! There you’ll see some gameplay features and today we will tell you more about Farming in My Time at Sandrock, which will appear in My Time at Sandrock Early Access.

My time at Portia and My Time at Sandrock farming differences

If you have played My time at Portia you know that gameplay in Portia is not based on farming itself, but more on your workshop. Yes, you can cultivate plants, but only in boxes and they don’t require specific care. In My Time at Portia, you need to build a plant box, find or buy seeds, plant them in the boxes (in the relevant season) and apply fertilizer if you want to receive more crops.

I think that many of you agree that you can hardly call this farming. And that’s why developers in Pathea decided to make a new approach to farming in Sandrock, where you can take care of both the plant and earth. They called it Desert Farming and we will tell you more about it further.

What’ll be farming like in My Time at Sandrock?

The approach to farming in Sandrock is really different. Forget about gardening in plant boxes and meet new approved way. Firstly, you’ll see Planting Toolkit in My Time at Sandrock.

My Time at Sandrock farming panel

On your main panel, you will see only one icon with a Planting Toolkit. Initiate with it to enter everything you need for farming. That saves a lot of place in the panel and bag. For example, you’ll see the seeds icon that gives you access to all seeds that you have and you don’t need to open any additional bags to plant them.

Secondly, you’ll see that team made a great job developing the farming feature as they have studied the process of real desert farming to add proper items and technics into the game.

The toolkit is all designed based on real-world equipment and techniques that our team studied first-hand in the desert. Begin by using a square shovel to create a straw square, an essential technique in protecting seeds from sand blowing over them.

Watering my time at Sandrock

You will also need to water your plants, of course. But you can accept something more than just a watering can. More details on the way about the fancy advanced automatic watering system.

The fourth icon is simply a quick harvest functionso that you don’t have to exit out of the toolkit if you want to harvest and manage your other plants at the same time.

And finally you will need to organize your soil and fertilizer to make. As you farm in the desert, you’ll need high-quality soil for farming that will improve if you continue to grow plants in the same spots. But players will receive the opportunity to move their rich, high-quality soil if they want to.

Desert Farming it Sandrock

Farming in Sandrock will help you get better fruit and vegetables for sure. But what is more, it will make Sandrock green again. Help your townsfolks restore the ecosystem in My Time at Sandrock using your farming skills.

Sadly, the Farming feature is not included in the upcoming Sandrock Story Demo, but still it will be added in the early access version of the game. To play My Time at Sandrock Story Demo don’t forget to visit My Time at Sandrock Steam Page on June 16th.

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