Fort Triumph Review

Indie game developers love to experiment and combine several game genres in their games at once. For example Fort Triumph from CookieByte Entertainment, who brought their project to life thanks to Kickstarter.  It is a unique combination of HoMM (map exploration and castle building) with turn-based combat of XCOM. Add exciting and fun dialogues here and get a great game with an interesting campaign and local co-op up to 8 players.

Fort Triumph Combat

Push them away

What the game really stands out from other games is the exciting and unique battle with opponents. Thanks to interaction with surrounding objects, such as trees, stones or giant mushrooms, the battle ceases to be boring from the very first moves. A wide range of abilities for each class allows you to push, attract, throw and push objects and enemies at each other. Having hit a tree with an opponent, the player deprives him of the opportunity to attack in the current round, which gives a tactical advantage in battle.

Fort Triumph Skills

As for the classes and their skills, they are really unique and diverse. Although the game has only 4 classes, Paladin, Mage, Ranger and the Savage (an analogue of the berserker), each of them has its own set of skills. Which as the character is pumped, you can also upgrade by adding new features. If it seems to you that this is not enough, then examining the map you will meet various artefacts that add new passive skills and active skills to the heroes.

Choose Your Side

There are 2 modes available in the game – campaign and skirmish. Before you start playing in the 2nd, we advise you to go through the campaign at the beginning. There are 4 fractions available in the game: the Human Kingdom, The Restful Dead, Forest Utopia and Yak-scuffle Goblins. The campaign is unlikely to surprise the player with a twisted plot, but thanks to the humor and unobtrusive dialogue, it is really interesting to go through it. The map is made in the spirit of HoMM, with a huge number of investigated territory and resources that are guarded by dangerous opponents.

Fort Triumph Campaign

In between battles, the player will improve his castle. In addition to buildings, you also have a guild of heroes at your disposal, which for the experience gained in battles will add new skills to the heroes or find new adventurers. Also in the city, you can re-recruit heroes who died in battle. Although at first glance the game seems simple, losing a squad member is very easy, because opponents will take advantage of any player’s mistake.

Fort Triumph Guild


Fort Triumph successfully combined 2 genres, although not fully. Despite the minor flaws of the game, it will give players an excellent pastime both in the single-player campaign and in skirmish co-op.

You can also, check a gameplay video here.

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Interesting combat mechanics and lots of unique skills
      • Simple and fun story
      • Losing your heroes is very easy and frustrating
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