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Today I will tell you about a unique city builder. Foundation from Polymorph Games is already available in early access. But despite the fact that this is not the final version of the game yet, the gameplay is very diverse and interesting. I couldn’t resist building several different cities from scratch each time. Read more of my impressions from Foundation and a description of the game features in our Foundation Review.

Your imagination is the only limit

And indeed it is. The game does not have strict restrictions on the terrain for the construction of buildings. The only limitation is the boundaries of the territory that you can build on. But this is also solvable because very soon you will open the possibility of buying neighbouring cells of territories.

Foundation Gameplay

As for construction, it is very diverse and unique. You will see common buildings such as the lumberjack camp. You can build it, like any other building, in absolutely any degree. Over time, you can expand other buildings by adding parts to them responsible for a new type of activity. For example, you will be able to add sculptural artist to builders’ camp.

Foundation Church Building

But the most interesting thing is the construction of the church. Thanks to all sorts of improvements, you can turn it into an extraordinary cathedral. You will be able to adjust everything from the height to the number of entrances, partitions, bell towers and stone colours. But of course, the more pretentious the building, the more resources, time and money will be required for its construction and maintenance. But, believe me, it’s worth it, because you can enjoy the beautiful medieval landscape of your town.

Create the perfect infrastructure

One of the most amusing and interesting features of Foundation is that you will have to plan the placement of all buildings in advance to provide people with a supportive environment. You can divide the entire territory into zones. Such as resource extraction (deforestation, stone extraction), residential area (here your residents will independently build their own dwelling), reforestation (assign a forester to grow new trees), restricted area (only specific residents will have the access here), etc.

Foundation Construction

With this separation, you can better manage the work of the residents. For example, after building a lumberjack camp near the forest, do not forget to assign the same zone as a place for reforestation. This way your loggers will always be provided with raw materials close to their place of work. Moreover, keep track of what raw materials other workers need and build them near warehouses with everything they need. This will significantly speed up production.

But it will take some thought to ensure the desired residential zone. The fact is that some buildings worsen the situation in a certain radius from themselves. And therefore, it will be necessary to think over the location of favourable and unfavourable zones for life. But at the same time so that the workers did not have a long way to the place of work.

Foundation Graphics

Of course, you will have at your disposal buildings that improve the infrastructure, such as markets, wells and even a tavern with catering. But to open them and provide with everything necessary, you will have to properly organize production.

Manage your people

In Foundation, people have their own needs, desires and can leave you if they feel bad. Moreover, you yourself will appoint them to work and monitor their development. You will be able to remove them from their post and redirect them to another job. But, keep in mind that for each new craft the worker is trained anew. And this affects the speed of production.

In addition, some of the buildings will open in levelling the estates: Labor, Kingdom, and Clergy. You will see what you need to work on in order to open a trade or a fisherman’s hut. Most often, you will need to complete tasks and increase points in each category in order to unlock something from the list. But you will also need to build corresponding buildings of a certain quality and increase the level of your inhabitants.

Foundation Estates

All in your hands. Visit Foundation Steam Page. Build the perfect city for your citizens and have fun today.

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