Games on Sale This Week 25th January

Explore the best gaming sales, deals and learn what games are free to get during this week.

Epic Games Store

It is no news that epic Games Store gives away new games every week. This time you can get Galactic Civilizations III for free. This is game has a lot of add-ons and gameplay features to discover. Build your galactic civilization and lead it to a golden age.

Besides the free game you can also check Epic Games store sale. The games on the list now are:

If you are interested in other free games in Epic Games Store check this link.

Steam Special Offers of the week

Every week you can get your favourite titles with great discounts on Steam. Tops five best selling games with a discount on Steam now are:

If you want to see other games that you can get with a discount on Steam this week check this link. Weekly sale

GOG has a lot of games with discounts and the list changes almost every couple of days. Below you can see the list of this week deals on

And many other games with huge discounts from GOG, which you can see here.

Other Games Sales And Deals

We will continue this column next week to give you information about special offers and let you know where you can get free games.

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