Games on Sale This Week 8th February

The new portion of sweet games deals for you this week – February 8th-14th is here. Learn about the latest gaming deals on your favourite platforms.

Epic Games Store

This week Epic Games Store has a lot of new games on sale. First of all, there are two free games that you can get now:

On Thursday 11th February there will be a new free game from Epic Games Store, which is called Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander. Don’t miss it if you love space theme games.

Also, there is a big sale from Deep Silver Publisher. And you can get the following games with the following discounts:

The list of other upcoming, newly released and old games on Epic Games Store is below.

And that’s only the top of discounted games on Epic Games Store. Now you can buy such games series with discounts like Assassins Creed, Mafia and Borderlands. Come and see all offers here.

Steam Special Offers of the week

Steam, as usual, has many discounts to offer. We will share with you only the hottest ones.

Other hot discounts from Steam you can check out here. Weekly sale

The hottest games on weekly sale are:

Yes, there are a lot of other detective games on weekly sale, go and check them out yourself here.

Other Games Sales And Deals

And the special offers from us. By buying any of the games below you support our website as we partner with Kinguin. We’d appreciate your help.

The games with out discount has special offers. Go ahead and see more details.

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