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League of Legends Patch 10.24 Notes – Now Live
Here you can check all the implementations and changes that have been made to League of Legends with the release of 10.24 patch. Cosmic Flight Anivia, Cosmic Charger Hecarim, Cosmic Invoker Illaoi, Cosmic Destiny Nami, Cosmic Huntress Nidalee, Cosmic Sting Skarner, Cosmic Hunter Varus, Cosmic Devourer Vladimir, Dark Cosmic Lissandra, and Star Guardian Soraka Prestige...
Rell Abilities – League of Legends Champion Reveal
In the next Patch 10.25 in League of Legends, there is going to be added new champion called Rell. Here you can learn her abilities. Rell releases 9th December in Patch 10.25 Rell, the Iron Maiden As you can see above Rell releases in the next patch in League of Legends, which goes live on...
Path of Exile Free Twilight Mystery Box and More in Upcoming Events
As we have already told you before Path of Exile had postponed the release of patch 3.13, which will release on Friday 15th January. Instead, they announced that PoE will open some interesting events in December. Today we will tell you more about the events and rewards for participating in Path of Exile Events. One...
In update 4.2 MU ORIGIN 2, a new divine object has been added
MU ORIGIN 2 adds new Divine Object, Shield Awakening and new Abyss World content in the latest update. WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of PC and mobile games, released today the latest update 4.2 of its mobile MMORPG MU ORIGIN 2. The main highlight of the latest update is the Divine Object, which will...
Last Chance to Use LoL PP no Prestige Points 2021 and Other News
It’s been announced that League of Legends Prestige Points will no longer exist in 2021. Therefore PP 2020 has been extended partway into 2021. We will tell you all the details about League of Legends Prestige Points further. What can I spend Prestige Points 2020 on? You can spend all Prestige Points 2020 you’ve got...
New Features and Events Offer Powerful Opportunities in Black Desert SEA
Pearl Abyss announced today that new features and events are now available in Black Desert SEA that will make in-game characters more powerful. Adventurers can now claim various special items as rewards while also enjoying new leveling-up opportunities. Starting today, Adventurers can copy a piece of their gear and enable another character to use it by burning...
PUBG Update 9.2 Available now on PC
New update in PUBG 9.2 has been added on PCs and coming to console on 26 November. You can check the details of it below. Battle Bride Pass: This new kind of pass focuses on Sadiya Qureshi, character players have seen from our motion comics. The Battle Bride pass progresses independently from Survivor Pass: Highlands and has...
Hearthstone Duels Season One Details
Duels in Hearthstone is now available for every player. Let’s have a closer look at what it is. It’s been awhile since Duels mode started in closed early access. Now it is added to the game and any player can find it among other Hearthstone game modes. It is presented in both flavors – casual...
Overwatch Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge Details
New event in Overwatch is up. This time you will get skin and other great in-game staff for your activity in Overwatch for Symmetra. Read on to learn more. Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge The challenge will last from 17th till 30th November 2020. During it you can earn epic rewards for playing, watching and winning in...
Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle Launches Today
Epic Games’ new addition to Fortnite is out today. The result of their collaboration with DC is The Last Laugh Bundle. Find out more in our post. Embrace your inner DC supervillain with Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle. Warner Bros. Games, Epic Games and DC today announced that Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle, featuring DC...
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