Genshin Impact Create Account Now – Is It Still Worth?

Genshin Impact is a very popular open-world action RPG that was released a year ago. It is a team-oriented game where every character can be obtained in gachas. Thus to unlock new characters you will need a lot of time or money. If you are a new player it is worth thinking twice before click Genshin Impact Create Account. In this post, we will try to explain why it is still time to play Genshin Impact even if you are a newbie.

This summer with the release of Genshin Impact 2.0 the game has become cross-platform with saves. So you can play it on your mobile phone, PC, console and everything is for free. First, decide where you want to start playing and then download Genshin Impact. If you wanted to find Genshin Impact download apk, forget about it as there is no need to play it that way anymore.

While everything is pretty obvious with mobile devices, you can simply download Genshin Impact and play discovering all new places and collecting characters as it goes. Genshin Impact Windows version has some differences between the options that you choose. Once Genshin appeared in the Epic Games store it had some extra bonuses for those players that get it from there. For now, there is no Genshin Impact on Steam, but it may have the same bonuses once it appears so stay tuned.

Is it worth start playing Genshin now?

That is the most common question from players who want to try the game out. The main reason that scares them away is the high amount of characters available in the game and the number of them is increasing every month. There are 40 active characters now plus there different forms of the Traveller. You can see the full list of all Genshin Impact characters here. All of them are divided not only by their elemental powers but also by their role in your team. Of course, you can collect the team with any desired characters, but will it be effective against every available encounter?

Is it worth start playing Genshin now

We can tell you for certain that to play Genshin Impact you will not need to obtain all available characters. You can begin your journey anytime and start collecting your characters from the current active banner, no matter what character is featured there. To be honest, you will not get that character anyway, but when you do get your first 5-star character open its build from the list of all Genshin Impact characters on our website to see the best comps that fit it. Even if you play Genshin Impact only for a few weeks you will have at least half of the desired team combination. On the other hand, the other half of the team might be hard to get. But it is not because you are a new player more likely because it is a gacha game after all.

If case you want to create your own team in Genshin Impact from the characters that you already have read our post Genshin Impact Characters Tier List – How to Build Your Team it will help you understand the basics and build the best team out of your characters even at the very beginning of the game. Besides, there is a list of free characters that you can get while completing quests, for example:

And, of course, the Traveller is the one that you start the game with. You can play Genshin Impact without the Traveller in your team, but it will still appear in cutscenes.

So as you can see Genshin Impact is open to new players. Not much depends on the number of characters that you have. The starting comp that consists only of the free characters will be enough to complete all quests in Mondstadt for sure. And while you play don’t forget to spend your wishes on the current promotional banner, every 90 rolls you are guaranteed to get a 5-star character. And while you hunt for a 5-star character you will get at least three-four 4-start characters. That is enough to move to the next zone.

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