Genshin Impact Nendoroid List

Genshin Impact is not a regular game. It is very famous and has perfect graphics for merch. Many players love Genshin because it looks like anime and that’s the main reason why you’ll see miHoYo creating all the merch around this recognition. Today we’d like to share with you information about all Genshin Impact Nendoroid figures both released and revealed.

What is Nendoroid?

Nendoroid is a relevantly new type of figure on the market. It looks like cute little “look-up” anime figures but unlike them, Nendoroid can be changed. There are different ways to change the looks of a Nendoroid figure from changing the way it stands to its clothes, accessories and face impression.

This type of figure became very popular among collectors and that is why more and more franchises release them. Below you can see the list of all Genshin Impact Nendoroid figures. We will update it if new announcements will be made.

Traveler (Lumine and Aether) – Genshin Impact Nendoroid

The first announced Genshin Impact Nendoroid figures are Lumine and Aether. It is announced that Good Smile Company will participate as a manufacturer of these figures. You can see the draft below.

Traveler (Lumine and Aether) - Genshin Impact Nendoroid

As you can see they are both in development. But we will soon see the production copy of Lumine and Aether.

NOT Nendoroid

It is worth mentioning that you shouldn’t mismatch these Genshin Impact Nendoroid figures with other little cute Genshin figures that were released some time ago. There was a series of starting Genshin characters manufactured by Bushiroad Creative. The series is called Genshin Capsule Collection Figure vol.1 and contains Lumine, Aether, Paimon, Amber, Venti, and Diluc.

Venti – Genshin Impact Nendoroid

The other announcement mentioned that there will be Venti Nendoroid figure soon. Unfortunately, there is no draft yet. But we can attach the official announcement image created by Good Smile Company.

Venti Nendoroid figure soon

As you can see it is signed by the MiHoYo company, so it is really happening.

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