Genshin Impact Review

Genshin Impact is a promising free-to-play RPG from miHoYo that was announced last year. Many immediately noticed its resemblance to the famous Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Most recently, on September 28, it was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS. So what is it like? Read in our Genshin Impact Review.

Genshin Impact Paimon

Enter into the magical world of Teyvat

The player will have an impressive, even at the time of release (2 regions are available), open-world map. Most of the time you will spend exploring its outlandish places, fighting dangerous inhabitants and solving various puzzles. All this will immediately bring a reward in the form of loot chests. Monsters and various events are updated every day, so yesterday’s path to the dungeon, which you cleared in the evening, will be no less dangerous the next day. In addition to the open world, the game has Domains – short (2-10 minutes) instances. For clearing them, you can get a lot of useful things, and there is also a special Domain – Spiral Abyss. It resets every month, and the more levels you can complete, the more valuable your reward will be.

Genshin Impact Combat

As for the playable characters, there are 23 of them. You will unlock some of them for completing quests, but most of them are opened with gacha (loot boxes). Each of them masters one of 7 elements: Anemo (Wind), Geo (Earth), Electro (Lightning), Dendro (Nature), Hydro (Water), Pyro (Fire) and Cryo (Frost). And accordingly, each has its own effects when interacting with others, which allows you to gain an advantage in battle, as well as combine the elements to enhance the effect (for example, the combination of Electro and Pyro leads to Overloaded – deals AoE Pyro DMG). In addition, elemental skills allow you to solve various puzzles and explore the world.

The combat system is very dynamic and interesting. You have a group of 4 characters at your disposal, which can be changed at any time – only one can play at the same time. Therefore, a properly selected group of playable characters will allow you to perform various combinations of skills, which will turn the battle into a fast and fun process. Genshin Impact is a single-player game, but it is possible to play co-op up to 4 players at the same time. Therefore, a properly selected group of playable characters will allow you to perform various combinations of skills, which will turn the battle into a fast and fun process. Also, you can always help your friends with difficult quests as well as explore the world together!

Paimon and other delicious food

The main story, as well as a huge number of side quests, will not make you bored. The game has a huge number of different books and notes that will help attentive players find valuable loot or secret locations. The dialogues are filled with humour and do not overload the player (and unfortunately, the choice of the answer does not affect the development of the quest).

Genshin Impact Gameplay

As mentioned above, the game is completely free-to-play, although there are such (already standard) things as the Battle Pass and Monthly Card (daily Primogems). Probably the main disadvantage of the game is the gacha system, with very low chances of getting high-tier characters. Despite this, the game will surprise you with a unique and mesmerizing world, and will allow you to enjoy it without any real money in-game purchases.

So while you are waiting for the continuation of BotW or if you want to go on an exciting journey into the magical world, you can now play it on your phone, PS4 or PC. Genshin Impact will also be available on Nintendo Switch, although the exact date is not known yet.

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