Genshin Impact vs Breath of the Wild

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular free-to-play action RPGs that has been released less than a year ago but has already become a favourite for many players. Even though many think that Genshin Impact is a clone of Breath of the Wild we will try to figure out is that really so and how these two games differ from each other. Below you can see some posts of ours that will help you learn more about both Genshin Impact and BotW.

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Breath of the Wild is an iconic game that has been on the market for many years and has inspired a lot of game developers to create its clones. Some are successful but none as popular as Genshin Impact. With the release of the Genshin Impact 2.0 patch the game has invited even more players and continues to grow. Meanwhile, Nintendo has announced the upcoming release of the second part of Links adventures in Breath of the Wild 2. The paths of these two powerful games will soon cross and we want to let you know about them more before they do.

Main Story Campaign

The storyline is the first difference that you will see between the two. Link’s adventures are not focused on cutscenes, dialogues or story development. His purpose is clear and straightforward – cleanse the world from Ganon monsters with the powers he got after the 100 years dream.

Genshin Impact VS Zelda Story

On the other hand, Breath of the Wild is focused on the massive open world with freedom of choice and adventures in small miraculous moments of solving various problems and discovering sanctuaries.

Genshin Impact has made a rich story with many active characters, quests, storylines and diverse events with picturesque cutscenes that dive players into its wonderful world. You will still find various mini-quests, tasks and exploration points in the huge open-world of Genshin Impact. In addition, the game is developing and miHoYo adds more regions every year with new turns of events and characters. The game is very dynamic and interesting.

Leveling and Stats

Breath of the Wild has a bit edgy RPG system where Link’s stats and power depends on the items and gear that he wears. But Genshin Impact has a wider ssytem with a complex levelling process that will give you various ways of upgrade the team.

The characters here have levels, skills and talents. Weapons can be improved, created at the blacksmith, and the same weapons can be combined to improve their characteristics. Artifacts can also be pumped, improving any characteristics of the character, starting with health and ending with the probability of a critical strike, and also collected in sets to receive additional bonuses.

The number of characters in Genshin Impact is becoming greater every few monthes and you can see all of them in Genshin Impact Characters List. There you can also make sure that the game offeres a lot of ways to play.

Skills and Abilities

In Breath of the Wild, Link has four abilities: magnetism, bombs, freeze and stop time, thanks to which you explore the world and pass the sanctuaries.

Genshin Impact VS Zelda Skills

Genshin Impact offers elemental skills and their combinations instead. Each character has his own element, which can interact with others in various ways, and the main character can change his element, thus increasing the number of interactions with other characters. All these abilities are needed not only to increase the attack power in battle but also to solve various puzzles such as lighting torches, placing stones to climb higher, activating switches with electricity, etc.

Every character in Genshin Impact has a set of abilities that make him or her uniqe and useful. The main idea here is to collect the best team to compete all the dungers. Moreover, enemies also have both elemental abilities and resistance to them. And the battle between two enemies with the same elements can drag on for a long time due to such elemental immunity. As a result, the elemental skills in Genshin Impact open up a wide range of tactical combinations for the player. You can read more about it in Genshin Impact Characters Tier List – How to Build Your Team.


In Breath of the Wild weapons give you huge damage boost, but they break frequently. Moreover, you have tiny (compared to Genshin Impact) inventory where you ought to collect all better weapons for Link and wait until the one you play with now will brake.

Genshin Impact has the other weapon system. First of all, you can collect as many as you like, your inventory is almost bottomless. Also, your weapon is not the only way to make a character stronger. But every weapon that you obtain can be upgraded many times by collecting reagents and crafting it. Also, you will see that better weapons can drop from wishes which makes it easier to obtain legendary weapons.

Open World

We have already mentioned few differences between worlds in Genshin Impact and BotW but let’s have a clser look to these two open-wrold approaches.

Teyvat, the world of Genshin Impact, is very similar to Hyrule in that there is something interesting hiding behind every corner. However, while Breath of the Wild often only has a handful of shrines and enemy camps on large chunks of the map, there is a lot more variety in Genshin Impact.

Even Mondstadt, the city from the prologue, is bigger than any settlement from Zelda. At the same time, in the first playable area there are a large number of small villages in each of which there is life, or they are abandoned (but you can find out why). In Breath of the Wild, emptiness can be justified by a dying post-apocalyptic world, but Genshin Impact is still more populated and this greatly improves the game.

Moreover, every region in Genshin Impact has its personal theme with German, Chinese and now Japanese cultures. The atmosphere is perfect.


The biggest improvement in Genshin Impact over Breath of the Wild is cooking. In Zelda, cooking is based on ingredients that the player chooses and the game requires you to memorize recipes if you want to make a dish that gives you a significant advantage. Genshin uses a recipe system that shows you exactly what you need to collect in order to prepare the right amount of the desired food. While the Breath of the Wild method is good for experimentation, it is often frustrating when you need a particular dish and don’t have enough ingredients for it.

At the same time, in Genshin Impact, you can always find out where to get this or that ingredient by clicking on it in the inventory. And also when cooking a certain dish a certain number of times, you get access to accelerated cooking and you will not need to throw 5 ingredients into the cauldron every time to get one dish you need when you need more than ten of them.

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