Gordian Quest Big Progression Update

The Big Progression Update is now live! What awaits players in this massive expansion?

Realm and Campaign modes

The game has a new mode – Realm Mode. It’s great for those who have completed the campaign or want to play a short adventure. So what is Realm Mode? This is a classic rogue-like card game, where the player will have the opportunity to advance to the final boss by choosing one of the available scenarios. You can choose which Realm you want to play, its length and effects, as well as the composition of your group. The longer you can hold out, the more Renown you will get!

Renown and Artifacts reworked

Gordian Quest Artifacts

Now by completing Realm and Campaign modes, you get Renown. Now he is not tied to a specific hero, but common to everyone. For it you can buy Artifacts before starting the campaign. By spending Renown, you get random Artifacts, a special item that permanently gives bonuses to a specific hero or the entire group. With them, you will get a significant advantage, and you will also be able to modify your heroes, opening up new opportunities for them!

New Hero – The Warlock

The game has a new hero – Kudo. And as befits a true master of the dark arts, he weakens enemies and inflicts serious wounds on them. For his spells, he uses blood – both his own and those of opponents who are unlucky enough to stand in his way. In his arsenal there are many spells that hang on enemies bleeding, which deals damage when they move across the field, so he will be an excellent teammate in conjunction with heroes that push or pull enemies.

Gordian Quest Kudo The Warlock

The game has become significantly varied and interesting, new modes will allow players to better learn and try out new combinations of heroes. At the same time, the developers promise to soon add a new hero, Jendaya, The Golemancer, and also expand the campaign by two more acts within a year! You can find additional news and buy games on Steam.

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