Gordian Quest Gameplay Video Review

Gordian Quest is a new breath of card games. Recently we’ve written a review about, which you can check out here. There you’ll read about gameplay and features. But here you can see them all in action in our Gordian Quest Gameplay Video. We make such plain videos on purpose to show you the game in its best.

Gordian Quest description

Gordian Quest is a wonderful roguelike card game with RPG elements. We’d rather say with elements of classical RPG games, where you roll a dice to make a check. There are 6 different classes and more are about to come.

Now as the game is in early access there is one act available. You will play in the land of Westmire. But that will be enough to feel the great atmosphere of the game. You will see great lore and stunning adventures.

Gordian Quest will entertain you with a great fighting system. Which combines turn-based fight and card battle.

The battle grid is split into two sides – yours on the left, and the enemy’s on the right. You have freedom of movement on your side of the grid, and you must position your heroes in the optimum spots to maximize the effects of your cards while avoiding what the enemy can dish out.


Moreover, you’ll see an interesting deck-building system with an opportunity to draw cards from particular themes. Passives and Triggers special cards will bring a special atmosphere to the game making it less predictable and more variable.

Besides, there are a lot of great things to come! In the Gordian Quest future patches, we will see a relationship system, 4 new acts with new mechanics, skills, heroes and much more. In addition, there is going to be a PvP mode can engage in skirmish fights with other players using your preferred mix of heroes and skills.

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