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We present a magnificent card game in our new Gordian Quest Review.

Gameplay – Gordian Quest Review

Gordian Quest is an interesting and unique combination of several game genres at once – an adventure RPG with card battles. At first glance, it is very difficult to say that this game is made by indie game studio Mixed Realms. Wonderful graphical performance, convenient and intuitive interface as well as polished gameplay.And this despite the fact that the game is still in Early Access. The only negative is the limited amount of content, while only one act of the four promised is available.

Gordian Quest Boss Fight

So, what does the gameplay look like? The battles take place in the mode of a card battle in a small field. The game has six base classes and each has its own deck of cards. In addition, each class has several specializations of cards, which allows you to create a character with a unique deck. In addition to the deck, the heroes have the equipment, which gives additional characteristics and cards.

As well as the talent tree. It consists of several blocks, each with 13 skill points to choose from. Each new block opens after 5 spent skill points. All this makes each game completely new, even if you play for the same class. And when you consider that the group consists of 3 heroes, then the combination of classes and specializations is really a huge number.

Gordian Quest Ability Check

Mostly the player follows the story quest. However, you can explore the world. In the first act there is a city in which, in addition to the quest NPCs, there are also several vendors and artisans. As well as a temple and a tavern. The presence of certain classes in the group will affect the outcome of various situations that the group will encounter in the map or dungeon research mode. So you should always be on the lookout.

Graphics and Controls

The graphics are amazing. Great combination of fantasy and cartoon styles. Heroes and NPCs, as well as monsters, are all drawn in the same style. The zones are also well thought out – fights in the city, caves and dungeons, and each has its own unique style!

Gordian Quest Equipment

Most of the game does not require a keyboard, a player will do with only a mouse. But I would like to be able to add more binds and the ability to customize them for myself.

Sound and Narrative

Pleasant and atmospheric music accompanies the player everywhere. The sounds of battle and skills are also at the proper level. For completeness, there is not enough voiceover of the dialogues and the voice of the narrator who would tell what is happening in the mode of choosing the actions of the group.

Gordian Quest Skill Tree

Gordian Quest has a fairly standard storyline, where the main characters save Westmire from the curse of the Gods. Who sent their punishment because of the greed of the mysterious Vanai race. Yes, the plot is in the spirit of the DnD campaign, but the ability to choose one of several options in almost every situation is a huge plus. And will allow going through a game at least several times in new ways. Atmospheric quests and dialogues will force players to plunge completely into this doomed world.

Gordian Quest Town

If you feel intrigued and want to try out Gordian Quest, visit their Steam Page. And of course, share our review with you friends if you find it interesting! 😉

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    • Gameplay
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    • Graphics
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    • Controls
      • Quite a unique combination of genres
      • The art style and levels of design
      • Class Balance is quite disappointing
      • Progression is extremely randomized
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