Hades Game Tips Guide for Beginners

Hades is a fascinating and at times happy complex roguelike game, a review of which we wrote recently (Hades Game Review). Each mistake is costly. It’s especially a shame to reach out to the boss and go back to the very beginning, without killing him. But don’t be upset! After all, each new attempt brings a new experience. And in order to optimize this process, we suggest using a few tips.

Hades Game tips and tricks

Further, we will describe each of the five main Hades tips and tricks. They can be useful not only for beginners though.

1. Choose your Gods wisely

Each God has a unique set of boons, which improve abilities and also affect the mechanics of battle. In addition, each of them has a unique debuff, signature, which weakens enemies. You can see Hades Gods’ boons list below.

  • Aphrodite Boons – inflict Charm on opponents and improves Zagreus survivability. Signature – Weak, which reduces their damage output.
  • Athena Boons – allow abilities to Deflect projectiles and improve defences. Signature – Expose, enemies, take additional damage from behind.
  • Ares Boons – increase the damage of your attacks and Blade Rifts. Signature – Doom, causes enemies to take damage shortly after being hit.
  • Artemis Boons – increase Critical chance and damage. Signature – Mark, afflicted enemies have increased chance to receive critical hits.
  • Demeter Boons – various debuffs to your attacks. Signature – Chill, enemies become slower.
  • Dionysus Boons – adds poison to your attacks and improve survivability. Signature – Hangover, stacking damage over time on enemies.
  • Zeus Boons – add chain lightning to abilities to strike nearby enemies. Signature – Jolt, enemies inflict damage to themselves when they attack.
  • Poseidon Boons – add Knockback to abilities and improve room rewards. Signature – Rupture, enemies receive damage as they move.
  • Hermes Boons – increase your mobility, attack speed and dash.

And also the list of signatures:

  • Chaos hangs a debuff on several of the following encounters, offering in return improvements after passing the tests.
  • Daedalus Hammer – an artefact that improves the capabilities of the current weapon. He will not only accelerate the attack and casting abilities but also offer unique improvements that change the mechanics of equipped weapons.

The game has a huge number of different combinations of boons, and this primarily depends on the randomness. But for the most successful runs, we advise you to choose improvements that give additional damage at first. Such as Dionysus, Zeus or Ares boons, and then complement them with protective upgrades such as Hermes or Athena boons.

Hades Game Tips Guide for Beginners Hades Boons

And a little more advice on the priority of choosing rooms. Daedalus Hammer is most useful, then there are rooms with Double or Single Boon and only then Pom of Power (red artefact, improves one of the current boons). If you have more than 500+ Obol (gold), then Charon’s shop will be better than Pom of Power. The remaining rooms should be selected depending on which currency is needed.

2. Upgrade your character with Mirror of Night

Obtained during battles Darkness, you can spend on improving the character’s characteristics using Mirror of Night. This will not only allow you to fight more effectively but also make it easier to escape from the Underworld. With new updates, it became possible to choose one of two active upgrades.

Hades Mirror of Night

You should decide which one is better for yourself. But, first of all, we advise you to improve Chthonic Vitality or Dark Regeneration for the additional restoration of health.
Greater Reflex will add agility and the ability to get out of fatal situations unscathed.
Thick Skin will add +50 to your total Life, which is always useful.
Death and Stubborn Defiances will be useful for trying to kill the boss.
And after you choose the right God, it will be appropriate to improve the Olympian Favor or Olympian Legacy with God’s Pride or God’s Chosen.

3. Right Infernal Arm is a key to victory

At the moment there are 6 unique weapons available in Hades Game and each has 3 aspects that affect their combat abilities.

Stygian Blade – default weapon, balanced melee weapons, its special creates a small burst around you.
Heart-Seeking Bow – an ideal weapon for ranged combat, although it requires to be charged to increase distance and damage. Special attack fires volley of arrows in a cone in front of you (2 Chthonic Keys are required to unlock this weapon).
Shield of Chaos – a combat shield with a small radius of destruction, which will hide you from enemy attacks. It can also be thrown at enemies for its special attack (3 Chthonic Keys are required to unlock this weapon).

Hades Infernal Arms

Eternal Spear – suitable for those who want to keep their enemies at a distance. He has a decent radius, and also a spin attack will not allow opponents to approach you. Special attack throws the spear and then returns it back to the player (4 Chthonic Keys to unlock this weapon).
Twin Fists of Malphon – a deadly and fast weapon that allows you to create combinations of strokes, and a special attack changes depending on whether it was used with or without dashing (8 Chthonic Keys are required to unlock this weapon).

Try to choose the weapon that is most suitable for you. Remember to select and improve the aspect to maximize the capabilities of weapons.

4. Customise Underworld by giving tasks to House Contractor

The opportunity to buy an upgrade from House Contractor opens after a number of flight attempts. In addition to cosmetic enhancements in Great Hall and Bedchamber, for a fee at Gemstones and Diamonds, you can add some items to Underworld.

Hades House Contractor

First of all, it is worth adding Fountains to each chamber and improving the health recovery from them. Also, urns with Obol(gold) will be useful for Charon’s shop or his Well. For Diamonds, it will be nice to improve Nectar in the first place, so picking it up will upgrade random Boon by 1 level.

5. Build your unique playstyle in Hades Game

If you didn’t succeed in killing the boss or the monsters are too complicated, you should not go in cycles in it. Try to try as many combinations as possible with different weapons and God’s boons. When you find the most suitable option for you, give that God your Nectar. n return, he will reward you with his Keepsake. Equipping it will ensure you see a boon from them in the run.

Hades Keepsakes

At the very beginning, we recommend spending Nectar on the most useful starting Keepsake for beginners.

  • Old Spiked Collar from Cerberus – increase maximum life (+25/38/50)
  • Lucky Tooth from Skelly – survive lethal damage and heal yourself for (50/100/150) HP
  • Black Shawl from Nyx – deal more damage striking undamaged foes (+10/15/20%)
  • Broken Spearpoint from Patroclus – become invulnerable for some time after taking damage (0.5/1/1.5 seconds duration)
  • Chthonic Coin Purse from Hypnos – free Obol(gold) for each escape attempt (+100/125/150)

In addition, you can also check Hades wiki to learn more about the items. We hope these tips will help you get out of Underworld!

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