Heroes of the Storm Whitemane Build Guide

Whitemane is a Healer hero from the Warcraft universe. She is a very versatile healer who restores health to her teammates by damaging her enemies. Most of her skills do not have mana costs, which gives her an advantage in long battles. Whitemane allows the player to choose what is more important for his team – an additional source of damage, a good healer or a Hero who weakens enemies and buffs his allies.

Whitemane - High Inquisitor

Primary Abilities

Desperate Plea

Heal an allied Hero for 140 and gain Desperation for 4 seconds. Desperation increases Desperate Plea's Mana cost by 45, and stacks up to 3 times. Current Mana Cost: 45


Channel on an enemy Hero for up to 3 seconds, dealing 50 damage every 0.5 seconds and Slowing them by 30%. Removes a stack of Desperation. Shares a cooldown with Clemency.

Searing Lash

After 0.5 seconds, smite enemies in a straight line for 82 damage. If the first strike hits an enemy Hero, a second strike will occur after a short delay.


Activate to cast Inquisition on an allied Hero, healing them for up to 329 over 3 seconds while Channeling. Removes a stack of Desperation Shares a cooldown with Inquisition.

Heroic Abilities

Scarlet Aegis

Bolster the spirits of nearby allied Heroes, healing them for 250 and granting them 40 Armor for 4 seconds.

Divine Reckoning

After 1 second, consecrate an area for 4 seconds, dealing 50 damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies inside. 25% of the damage dealt to Heroes is returned as Mana.



Whitemane's healing Abilities apply Zeal for 8 seconds. Allies with Zeal are healed for 100% of the damage Whitemane deals to Heroes. Activate to gain 25% Spell Power and lose 25 Armor for 5 seconds. Can be cast while channeling abilities.

Talent Build Cheat Sheet

Copy build code*[T1211121,Whitemane]

*Select a hero, open talents, click on options near build variations and click paste build to enter the code into HOTS directly. After that, you will have the build from the current cheat sheet marked with hearts.

Inquisition Build





Pity the Frail

Righteous Flame



Unwavering Faith


Zealous Spirit



Scarlet Aegis

Divine Reckoning



Lashing Out


Shared Punishment

Harsh Discipline


Scarlet Crusade

Judgment Day

Useful Strategies and Tips

Zeal. This unique trait allows Whitemane to maintain the health of several team members at the same time by healing the damage dealt to her. Don’t forget to activate this buff with Desperate Plea, Clemency and Scarlet Aegis abilities. It is advisable to do this ahead of time to maximize healing. It is better to activate this trait under the action of Scarlet Aegis, in order to minimize the loss of armour or in cases when you are sure that enemies cannot damage you.

Desperate Plea has no cooldown, but its mana cost increases with each stack of Desperation. Despite its low healing, it is ideal for activating Zeal on a target. The main thing is not to forget to remove Desperation stacks using the appropriate skills.

Inquisition and Clemency. Both skills must be channelled, that roots you in place. Be careful, because enemies can quickly take advantage of this. For maximum damage, it is advisable to use Inquisition after casting Searing Lash. Clemency and Inquisition remove a stack of Desperation, so use them as often as possible to lower your mana cost.

Searing Lash has a short cooldown and no mana costs to spam this skill in combat. The main thing is to train them to hit correctly.

Scarlet Aegis is a very useful skill in Whitemane’s arsenal. Besides a good healing and armour buff, it also activates Zeal buff on targets within its radius. This allows several members of your team to restore health very quickly.

Divine Reckoning is suitable for those who are dealing with the healing of their team with Zeal. Good damage will help you win a teamfight and restore health and mana.

Synergies and Counters

Whitemane synergizes with Heroes, that can protect her (such as Ragnaros, Garrosh or Zarya) since she has no escape abilities.

Whitemane is countered by Heroes great range, as she needs to be within skill radius to deal damage (such as Li-Ming or Sgt. Hammer) and Assassin Heroes, that can punish her due lacking mobility (such as Alarak or Samuro).

Strengths and Weaknesses
      • No mana cost abilities (most of them)
      • Good multi-target healing
      • Low mobility
      • Needs to deal damage to maximise her healing
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