Hi-Rez Studios Publisher Weekend on Steam

This weekend Steam has announced great news about Hi-Rez Studios Publisher Weekend event. Hi-Rez comes to the store with its three flagman games: Smite, Paladins and Realm Royale to give all their players absolutely free bundles. We will tell you briefly what and how can you get, but if you want to read some more details, you can view them on here.

What can I get on Hi-Rez Studios Publisher Weekend

If you are a fan of one of their games we wrote before, you’ll get and opportunity to upload their bundles for free by 16th November 2018. All of the bundles are actually DLCs and have some additional content for the games.

Hi-Rez Studios Publisher Weekend on Steam free

Smite “Hi-Rez Studios Publisher Weekend” bundle contains five champions (Nu Wa, Khepri, Odin, Cu Chulainn, Medusa). Together with a suite of skins (Righteous Hammer Thor, Imperator Khepri, Typhoon Kukulkan, Battle Maiden Bellona, Hound of Ulster Cu Chulainn, Amethyst Nu Wa, Raven’s Throne Odin, Worldweaver Neith). Also, we wanted to remind you that Smite is a first-person multiplayer online battle arena where you play as gods. Learn more about the Smite bundle and upload it here.

Paladins “Hi-Rez Studios Publisher Weekend” bundle contains Starter Pack. This one consists of four champions: Dredge, Koga, Furia and Khan. Each of the champions come with skins and voice packs. Download the Paladins bundle on Steam for free. Read more about Paladins of the realm game you can in our previous and future reviews.

Realm Royale “Hi-Rez Studios Publisher Weekend” bundle contains the Cluckomorph Chicken Skin and 100 Crowns for free as well. Here is a link to download it now. Realm Royale is a battle royal game with a 100 people death match like PUBG or Fortnite.

How to get free bundles on Hi-Rez Studios Publisher Weekend

That is very easy. All of the links we gave above. All you need to do is to download them on Steam for free. But don’t forget that they won’t be free forever, try to down load them by the 16th November 2018. Here is the way to find it quickly. Follow the link.

Hi-Rez Studios Publisher Weekend

On this page you’ll see all the details of the event and links to the free bundles that Hi-Rez provides. Click the one you link and you’ll be followed to the bundles page.

Hi-Rez Studios Publisher Weekend Paladins bundle

There you’ll see the requirements for the DLC and the download button. Press it and wait, after it unpacks, your are all done!

Hope you find this content good and useful. If so share it with your friends and let’s play together.

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