Hit the Sea June 16th as Summer in Mara Launches on Nintendo Switch and Steam!

Players can try the farm sim meets story-based adventure by downloading the free prologue now on the Steam store

Valencia, Spain – May 29th, 2020 – Set sail and get ready to adventure the sunny archipelago of Summer in Mara on June 16th for Nintendo Switch and Steam. Excited explorers can dip their toes in to test the waters by downloading the free prologue released today by Chibig Studio on Steam! 

Play the free Summer in Mara prologue now: 

The Summer in Mara prologue will also come to Nintendo Switch closer to launch, with both demos being free to access and available indefinitely. There are also no content restrictions on playing so Chibig Studio welcomes those who wish to share their experiences before release!

Summer in Mara is a mix of farming simulation and story-based adventure rolled into one as players will visit new islands, make new friends, and learn more about the evil corporation Elit, which wants to conquer Mara. As Koa, Chibig Studio wants players to feel like they’re exploring the world of Mara to make it a better place. Character development is a huge focus for the team, and this is reflected in the care put into the friends met, and the anecdotes of their travels.

Watch Summer in Mara’s Indie World Showcase trailer here: 

Summer In Mara features over 30 hours of playtime with 250+ missions to set off on and 20+ characters to meet and befriend. Along with a host of upgrades, secrets, and treasure to find, Summer in Mara is set to deliver a wholesome and fun experience for all ages!

PS4 and Xbox One launches of Summer in Mara are planned for later this year.

Keep in touch with the latest Summer in Mara news by visiting Chibig’s website, following the team on Twitter, and joining their Discord.

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About Chibig

Chibig’s mission is to tell stories by combining the adventure and farming game genres in fantastical settings full of wonder. This adventure started in 2016 with Tiny Planet and Ankora, two mobile games with over four five players. In 2018, Chibig expanded its universe with Deiland for PS4 and PC, and now are focused on their biggest project yet, Summer in Mara, which is set to release in Spring 2020!

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