Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition Review

Although Horizon Zero Dawn was released over three years ago on the PlayStation 4, it has been recently ported to the PC. Therefore, after spending several tens of hours in it (and going through the entire plot part), I would like to share my impressions about this sensational game at the time.

Kinguin Horizon Zero Down

Restoring Life in the Dying World

The first thing that will impress any player is the atmosphere. Developers from Guerrilla Games did it well. Picturesque landscapes and primitive, wilderness coexist with high-tech robots, the wreckage of human civilization complement this post-apocalyptic picture. Explore the world, try to survive and hunt deadly machines – this is probably what I spent most of the gaming time. In doing so, I tried to focus on the passage of the main storyline. But I do not think that at least someone can resist the temptation to climb into a destroyed bunker or run through the streets of an abandoned city. And to hunt mechanical beasts, especially at night, is impossible to refuse.

As for the plot and quests (and dialogues), then the game stands out from the rest. The fact that the main character is a girl affected the dialogues and the development of the plot as a whole. The answer options and the choice of solving the assigned tasks differ from ordinary games where the main character is a man. Perhaps this makes the game interesting and unlike its counterparts – after all, for players accustomed to seeing the same type of plot development and dialogues, this game will be a surprise.

I would also like to mention craft and trade. Everything that the player finds in his research and hunting will be useful to him. After all, most of the reagents will be spent on crafting ammo and improving bags, and rare ingredients will serve as currency for buying unique equipment – weapons and armor. By the way, the game has a wide variety of weapons. Several variations of bows, each with its own advantages. Slings that shoot various bombs, Tripcaster (stealth weapon that puts tripwire traps), Ropecasters that can immobilize the enemy. Then there’s the Rattler, a close-range rapid-fire crossbow, and that’s not the whole list! Improvements for them can be knocked out of elite robots, and ammo can be crafted by yourself at any time, the main thing is to have the ingredients.

Kinguin Horizon Zero Down

And although on the PC the optimization of the game at the time of its passage was not fully completed, this game can rightfully be considered one of the best games for PS4 and an excellent game for PC (at least thanks for its uniqueness ).

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      • Stunning sci-fi atmosphere
      • Exploration, crafting and side quests - all in one game
      • Optimisation is far from great
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