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After the release of the new league in Path of Exile, we released a series of guides about the Harvest. In the posts below you can find any information related to Harvest League and Harvest layout. As for this guide, here you will learn more details about using Horticrafting Station, how to get it and its crafting system.

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How to get Horticrafting Station

In fact, it is not so difficult to obtain. All you need is to accumulate the required amount of lifeforce. But at the same time, this is the most difficult moment. The fact is that it costs 1800 lifeforce. And this amount is difficult to achieve without a properly equipped garden and strong monsters with T2 and above seeds.

After you get more than 1800 lifeforce in one harvest, you can craft the Horticrafting Station. This is unlikely to be done with T1 seeds alone, so at least a few T2 and/or T3 seeds will be required. You can find out how to make the best layout for this in our guide.

Below we will answer all the frequently asked questions about Path of Exile’s Horticrafting Station.

How to make Horticrafting Station work

Once the Horticrafting Station is ready, it must be connected either directly to the Lifeforce Collector using Pylon, or to the Pylons network that connects Collector and other buildings (such as Tank or Disperser).

Path of Exile Send Craft

The main condition is that the type of seeds (Wild, Primal or Vivid) matches, as well as with other buildings in the Sacred Grove. Horticrafting Station will work with only one type, so you will probably have to craft at least 3 stations for each type of seeds.

How to use Horticrafting Station

So, after the Horticrafting Station is connected to Collector and you have collected lifeforce from the field, a new button will appear in the crafting menu – “Send crafting option to a connected Horticrafting Station for storage”.

Path of Exile Horticrafting

How it works: You select a recipe, click on the button and after spending the necessary lifeforce, the recipe is saved in Horticrafting Station. Now it can be used at any time, although level requirements remain.

And one more nuance. Horticrafting Station can store a maximum of 3 recipes at a time, but you can delete them at any time if you think that the recipe is no longer needed.

We hope that our Path of Exile guides help you play the game more effective. And if you have any other questions we are eager to answer them as well!

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