How much have I spent in LoL?

You are one of those League of Legends fans. You love all outstanding skins that Riot Games make for their champions. Or maybe you adore League of Legends events and buy passes all the time. If so you might wonder how much money have you already spent in LoL. read on to learn how to know that.

League of Legends Website

First of all, you need to login on League of Legends official support website. The quick link for login in there is here. Use the data you enter League of Legends client and don’t forget to check the region you log in.

How much Have I spent in League of Legends?

And after that, you should go to this post from LoL support and click on “Show me the money” button.

Show me the money

If you haven’t logged in you will see another message that will ask you to login first. Also, you can use this link to login and automatically redirect to the page where you will see the button from above.

When you click on “Show me the money” button you will see a new picture with the amount of money that you have spent in LoL. Like below.

As we have noticed before you must enter the region when login as this amount whos the money for a particular region. If you play on several regions and want to know how much you have spent in total you need to login to each region separately and sum the numbers yourself.

So that’s it now you know how to see how much money you have spent in League of Legends. By the way, how much?

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