How to avoid crashes of Cyberpunk 2077

Every gamer heard about Cyberpunk 2077. The release of it postponed many times due to the technical issues abut yet leaves much to be desired. Many players have experienced crashes from the very first day of the release. It is rather disappointing but there are still ways to make you Cyperpunk 2077 game experience more satisfying until all fixes arrive.

We surfed the Internet and tried out all the means that can help you avoid crashes of Cyberpunk 2077. You will see the most common issues and how to fix them as well as simple steps to ensure the stability of the game.

Simple Steps to Fix Cyberpunk 2077 Crashes

Before we start, please, note that we write about official game copy. If you have downloaded game files from crashwatch or hacked Cyberpunk 2077 be prepared to fix all the problems yourself.

Update Cyberpunk 2077 to the latest version

It may sound easy and primitive, but you might see that your game hasn’t been updated automatically or you skipped the installation by chance.

Update your video card drivers

Don’t forget to keep your drivers up to date. Usually, all video cards have driver updates when any game of AAA class releases.

Check Windows updates and install new version

Sometimes Windows components can influence the stability of the game. So it is worth fixing any possible issues.

Update system drivers

Don’t forget to update all drivers that can influence the stability of Cyberpunk 2077. For example:

  • monitor drivers
  • motherboard drivers
  • sound drivers (including gaming audio set)
  • etc.

Adjust your Cyberpunk 2077 visual settings

That can be a common issue. When your PC cannot cool itself it can crash and stop the process that overhits it. The simplest way here is to lower graphics setting. If you think that can be the problem try to:

  • Turn off chromatic aberration
  • Turn off motion blur 
  • Turn off film grain
  • Turn off Cascaded Shadows Resolution

Or you can use the scroller at the top to set your settings to normal or low. Turn off your PC let it cool for some minutes and launch Cyberpunk 2077 again if you don’t experience new crashes think about a better cooling system for your PC if you want to play on maximal graphical settings.

Steam, GoG and Epic Games Store crashes fix

Sometimes Cyberpunk 2077 can crash because of the bad integration of files with the launcher you use.

To ensure Steam and Epic Games Store stability make manual files verification. Enter the game options and verify the files. It will take some time but it can solve all the crashes you have.

As for the GoG Galaxy. You can play the game without launching it, but if you experience any crashes you should consider open it and let the game synchronize, check for updates, add some hotfixes and save your data in the cloud.

These are the most common Cyberpunk 2077 crash fixes that we know for now. We will update the post when we know more.

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