How to Check PoE Server Status

PoE is for Path of Exile an online action RPG that has developed through many years and have opened many servers to let players from all over the world enjoy the game. But sometimes due to different causes Path of Exile servers might be down. In this post, we will tell you how to know PoE server status.

Why PoE is down?

First of all, let’s figure out what are the main reasons why Path of Exile can be down. This is always a matter of technical issues with servers. As in any other game, PoE has planned and technical maintenances executed by the developers’ team. Usually, they take place at the start of the league and some weeks after its start. If you are in the game you will see the announcement in chat written in yellow. You’ll get the information when the servers will be down and for how long. Usually, GGG turns on the announcement around 30-60 minutes before servers go down.

The other reason may be related to inner server issues. Often they are caused by the huge amount of players willing to play at the same time. When the number of players is more than a server bandwidth it can go down. You will not see any announcements but experience constant game crashes.

Rarely but server can the server can be attacked by malware or intruders. But speaking of PoE it might not be the issue.

Which is more common but still rare reason for PoE server drop is local server connection problem. In this case, you’ll see that only one server is down that has problems with Internet provider connection.

How to check Path of Exile server status?

Depending on the reason that caused the server drop you will get to know about it. As we have already said you will be informed about any planned maintenance via in-game chat or PoE Discord channel/PoE Reddit/PoE Twitter. Not always, but sometimes you will also see details about poe server status on their official website. Usually, GGG publishes information about servers status on their website only if it is a huge problem with tough technical problems that takes time to fix properly.

But what if you want to know PoE server status before entering the game. That can be done. There are some services that can show you Path of exile server status. Moreover, you can check them separately and see which ones have better parameters to avoid game crashes.


Is any easy to use online tool where you can check PoE server status.

  • Go to their website on PoE status page:
  • There you’ll see two ways of checking the status:
    • by location with latency check – you can choose any number of servers that you are interested in and click ping; it might take some time to analyze the data
    • simple poe server status – in the bottom of the page you will see the table that shows the current status of every PoE server

The service is free to use and doesn’t require registration.


This online service shows the issues related to PoE servers in the last 24 hours. You will see them sorted by the number of reports. Here is the link to see PoE server status on Downdetector: This information is available for free and without registration, but for more details you’ll need to register.

Ping Server Status

Another easy-to-use only service that shows you not the only Path of Exile server status but also pings at each of them. Just go to and click on the ping button to ask the website to connect to each of the PoE servers. In few seconds you will see poe server status and ping. You can do it for free and without registration.

When does PoE go live?

Everything depends on the problem. If it is planned maintenance you will see the approximate downtime in chat or in official social media posts.

If it is a major technical problem you might see the explanation and timeline on the official website in a separate topic. This also includes server bandwidth problems.

But if the problem is caused by local Internet provider connection losses you will need to contact this provider to know more details. But it is easier to check other PoE servers status and pick the other one to play while yours is being fixed.

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