How to Exchange Garena Shells to RP for League of Legends

As we have already mentioned before Garena is a service that runs different games on their servers in regions where by any circumstances a game cannot be launched yet. That’s how League of Legends worked previously for many regions including CIS, and Southern East countries. Now LoL has launched its own servers globally but in Indonesia. Their players still need to play with a high ping on other regions servers or play on Garena servers. You can learn more about Garena its self in the previous post, here we will tell you more about the exchange of Garena shells to RP (riot points).

Garena Shells are used for in-game purchases and are only available if you play a game on Garena servers. You can convert them to other in-game currencies but Garena shells are a region-locked product. It’s only valid for the Garena account registered in the region of Malaysia. No matter what service you use to buy Garena shells all of them will be un-refundable.

As for the RP. Riot Points is one of many in-game currencies in League of Legends. Other currencies though are situational and you can use them only for specified needs. But RP is the main currency in LoL and you can make almost all in-game purchases using it. For example:

  • Buy champions
  • Buy champion skins
  • Buy bundles
  • Buy chromas
  • Buy emotes
  • Buy experience boosts
  • Buy Hextech Crafting materials
  • By additional rune pages
  • Buy summoner icons
  • Buy ward skins
  • Buy event bundles
  • Buy event battle passes
  • Change summoner name

If you play League of Legends on regular official servers you will exchange your real money for RP with the rate established by Riot Games. But if you play on Garena servers you need to know the rate of Garena shells to RP exchange. Because Garena games won’t accept your real money directly.

Garena Shells to RP exchange rate

There have been some changes to Garena shells to RP exchange rate some time ago, so don’t get confused.

Garena ShellRP

Below you can also see the pricing for different in-game content in League of Legends that you can buy with Riot Points after you convert Garena shells to RP.

Basic Skins520 RP
Deluxe Skins750 RP
Superior Skins975 RP
Epic Skins1350 RP
Legendary Skins1820 RP
Ultimate Skins2775 RP3250 RP
Chromas290 RP
Summoner Icons250 RP
Emotes350 RP
Ward Skins640 RP
Hextech KeyHextech ChestMasterwork ChestHextech SetMasterwork Set125 RP125 RP165 RP195 RP225 RP
Mystery SkinMystery Chest*490 RP790 RP
1 Day XP Boosts3 Days XP Boost7 Days XP Boost14 Days XP Boost30 Days XP Boost3 Wins XP Boost5 Wins XP Boost10 Wins XP Boost15 Wins XP Boost25 Wins XP Boost40 Wins XP Boost290 RP520 RP1020 RP1846 RP3490 RP290 RP390 RP670 RP990 RP1590 RP2440 RP
Rune Page590 RP
Summoner Name Change1300 RP
ARAM Skin Boosts95 RP

There are also different prices for champions that you can purchase but we will not include them here. Just keep in mind that all champions are divided by tiers. The higher the tier of the champion the more expensive it is.

How to Convert Garena Shells to Riot Points

So if you are ready to go you’ll need to follow the steps below in order to get Garena shells and after that convert them to Riot Points.

  • Register or login to your Garena account at
  • In the top-up menu find Garena shop or just use the link
  • Click on Shell Top Up.
Garena Shop
  • In the selection, click on Garena PPC and enter the PIN (from the SMS) under Garena Prepaid Card Password field.
  • After the confirmation open your League of Legends client and go to in-game shop.
  • From there, click the +RP button and login to your LoL account.
  • After that you’ll see that you can choose the amount of Garena Shells you wish to convert to Riot Points. But remember that you’ll need to choose the ammount from the table above. Meaning that you can choose only pre-defined numbers of points.
  • After selecting your RP conversion, click Convert Shells into RP button.

And that’s it. Easy as pie. We have described to you the whole path for buying Garena shells from the official Garena Shop. But there are a lot of other third-party companies that sell them.

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