How to Find All Endgame League Specific Bosses in Path of Exile

Path of Exile has become one of the most diverse games on the market. Every challenge league brings a lot of new content and some of them include bosses. There are so many splinters and league specific NPCs in PoE that sometimes it gets puzzling to figure out which of them will open access to the boss you willing to kill. In this post, you will discover the list of all endgame league specific bosses, learn how to find and unlock them.

Below is the Table of Contents:

Anarchy and Onslaught leagueAnarchy and Onslaught bossesAbyss leagueAbyssal LichesLegion leagueLegion Bosses
Ambush and Invasion leagueInvasion bossesBestiary leagueSpirit BeastsDelirium leagueDelirium Bosses
Rampage and Beyond leagueBeyond bossesIncursion leagueThe Vaal OmnitectHarvest leagueOshabi
Prophecy LeagueThe Pale CouncilDelve leagueDelve BossesHeist leagueThe Twins
Breach leagueBreachlordsBetrayal LeagueCatarina, Master of UndeathUltimatum leagueThe Trialmaster
Harbinger leagueHarbinger bossesSynthesis leagueVenarius

Anarchy and Onslaught bosses

Anarchy and Onslaught was the first challenge league introduced in 2013. Anarchy was for softcore players and Onslaught for hardcore players. The main danger of this league came from rogue exiles. They used to be as strong as real bosses back then, but now that have been nerfed through years. Below you can see the list of all rogue exiles:

All of them have a specific number of abilities that any player can play with. You can see the description on wiki via the links we’ve inserted.

You can increase your chances to encounter rogue exiles if you take the Total Anarchy node in the New Vastir region in the atlas skill tree.

You can find rogue exile everywhere around Wraeclast. Some of them are level restricted and will appear on maps or high-level zones. Usually, they guard strongboxes and appear on maps. You will get extra loot for slaying them.

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Invasion bosses

Currently invasion bosses are not that harmful and are easy-to-find. How to find invasion bosses? Below you can see the list of actions that you can do in order to find them on maps.

  • Take Trespassers Atlas passive skill of Tirn’s End atlas region. That will add Invasion bosses in areas of the maps from Tirn’s End region.
  • Craft the Invasion league mod on maps with your map device. If it is accessible via Zana’s recipes this league.
  • Complete Zana missions. When you meet Zana on maps you can see the task that she has, one of them can require to slay all invasion bosses on the map.
  • Farm Tempest areas with the of Incursion suffix. Tempest areas can only spawn with prefix only.
  • Fulfil The Invader prophecy. If it is active an area will contain a random invasion boss and your task is to kill him.

Trespassers node in the Atlas skill tree of Tirn’s End region will add additional Invasion bosses to maps.

Sometimes GGG announces flashback leagues where you can see old leagues mechanics work as they used to a long time ago. Invasion bosses regularly appear during these flashbacks.

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Beyond bosses

This is a type of unique monsters that can be found on maps occupied by beyond monsters. The list of Beyond demons is below.

Beyond BossLocation
Na’em, Bending StoneAll Zones
Haast, Unrelenting FrostAll Zones
Tzteosh, Hungering FlameLevel 15 Zones Upwards
Bameth, Shifting DarknessLevel 33 Zones Upwards
Ephij, Crackling SkyLevel 45 Zones Upwards
Abaxoth, the End of All That IsLevel 68 Zones Upwards

After the Beyond league ended, Beyond Demons were not added to the core game. They can still spawn in maps altered by Zana’s map device and are available as a map mod: Otherworldly. They also appear in magic packs with the Voidspawn of Abaxoth Bloodline mod. Modifiers are shown in magenta.

In the Atlas Skill tree of Glennach Cairns region take Beyond league nodes (Scent of Blood, Torn Veil, Per Diemon) to increase your chances of summoning a boss.

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The Pale Court (The Pale Council) – Prophecy league bosses

Prophecy league has many implementations into the core of PoE. Surely many players have seen Navali and know how she works. But not every new player knows that some chains of Prophecies lead to four bosses that form The Pale Court. The Pale Court is an end-game area where the battle with The Pale Council takes place. These are the members of the Pale Council:

The trick is that they they drop the most valuable items only if you slay them in The Pale Court area and to get there you’ll need for fragments:

The Pale Court
  • Volkuur’s Key
  • Inya’s Key
  • Eber’s Key
  • Yriel’s Key

Fun bit starts when you try to find these keys. You can buy them, of course, but if you want to walk through the whole path your self start from seeking prophecies. Each boss that drops a key from the list above has a chain of prophecies that you need to fulfill. Surely you can buy the 5th prophecy in each chain to find the boss at once, but that’s not fun. Also, with patch 3.14 these keys can drop from incubators with map fragments. So the list of the prophecy chains is:

Volkuur’s KeyThe Unbreathing Queen prophecy chain:

The Unbreathing Queen IN/AFind and defeat the Unbreathing Queen‘s spectres in the Fellshrine Ruins in Act 2 or Act 7 near the church.
The Unbreathing Queen IIN/AFind and defeat Lora, The Contender in the first area of the Lord’s Labyrinth.
The Unbreathing Queen IIIN/ADefeat the Unbreathing Queen‘s spectre, who can be found at the top of the Beacon or Lighthouse Map.
The Unbreathing Queen IVN/AFind and defeat the Unbreathing Queen‘s spectre in the Temple of Decay Level 1 or Arachnid Tomb Map. The boss Terese Napora may be on either of two floors in Level 1, but tends to be on the second floor near the back.
The Unbreathing Queen VVolkuur, the Unbreathing Queen drops Volkuur’s Key when defeated.Find and defeat Volkuur, the Unbreathing Queen in an area generated by a Cemetery Map.

Inya’s Key – Unbearable Whispers prophecy chain:

Unbearable Whispers IN/ALocate a Dark Tome in The Library, Academy Map, Museum Map, or Scriptorium Map. On activation, a pack of monsters will spawn.
Unbearable Whispers IIN/ASlay the unique monster Whisperer’s Attendant on one of the floors in The Sceptre of God, or Palace Map, Residence Map, or Villa Map.
Unbearable Whispers IIIN/ASlay Shavronne in one of the following locations and destroy the dropped Tome. Shavronne of Umbra in The Harvest, Act 4 Shavronne the Returned in Shavronne’s Tower, Act 6 Shavronne, Unbound in The Rotting Core, Act 9 Liantra in Tower Map Gisale, Thought Thief in Scriptorium Map Shavronne the Sickening in Cells Map Prodigy of Darkness in Core Map.
Unbearable Whispers IVN/AKill a certain rare monster and the tome it drops to complete.
Unbearable Whispers VInya, the Unbearable Whispers will drop Inya’s Key when defeated.A Whispering Tome will be found in the Labyrinth Treasure Room. Kill Inya, the Unbearable Whispers, who will appear after the Dark Tome’s defeat.

Eber’s Key – The Plaguemaw prophecy chain:

The Plaguemaw IN/ADefeat Eber’s Colossus, a unique golem that appears upon killing the boss of a Vaal side area.
The Plaguemaw IIN/AFind the Plaguemaw‘s followers in The Crypt Level 1 (Act 2), The Crypt (Act 7) or Bone Crypt Map, Cursed Crypt Map, or Necropolis Map and slay them.
The Plaguemaw IIIN/AKill any unique monster causing the Plaguemaw‘s followers to appear.
The Plaguemaw IVN/AFind the Plaguemaw’s Offering, a unique Arcanist’s Strongbox, in the Imperial Gardens, Gardens Map, Courtyard Map, or Orchard Map. Open it and defeat the ambushing monsters to complete the prophecy.
The Plaguemaw VEber, the Plaguemaw will drop Eber’s Key when defeated. There is a chance to drop Breath of the Council. Moreover the map would spawn the clickable object to unlock of Spellcraft crafting mod.Defeat Eber, the Plaguemaw, who can be found in a separate room within one of the following areas: Act 4 – The Crystal Veins, Map – Crystal Ore.

Yriel’s Key – The Feral Lord prophecy chain:

The Feral Lord IN/AFind the Feral Lord’s animals in the Southern Forest or Tropical Island Map and slay them.
The Feral Lord IIN/AFind the Feral Lord’s Beast in the Northern Forest (Act 2 or Act 7), Jungle Valley Map, Dark Forest Map or Forbidden Woods Map and slay it.
The Feral Lord IIIN/AFind the Feral Lord’s corrupted animals in the Dried Lake, Desert Map, Wasteland Map, or Dry Sea Map and slay them.
The Feral Lord IVN/AKill the Feral Lord’s vulture, Meritarus, in one of the following locations:
Act 3 – The City of Sarn
Act 3 – The Ebony Barracks
Act 8 – The Grand Promenade
Act 8 – The Quay
Act 8 – The Grain Gate
Act 8 – The High Gardens
Act 8 – The Imperial Fields
Act 8 – The Harbour Bridge
Act 8 – The Solaris Concourse
Act 8 – The Lunaris Concourse
Map – Arsenal
Map – Colonnade
Map – Ghetto
Map – Precinct
Map – Promenade
The Feral Lord VYriel, the Feral Lord will drop Yriel’s Key when defeated. Or sometimes, Reach of the Council.
Moreover the map would spawn the clickable object to unlock of Weaponcraft crafting mod.
You will find a Rhoa in a Mud Geyser Map which, when killed makes Yriel, the Feral Lord appear, who you have to defeat.

When you collect each of the keys insert them in the right order to your map device and enter The Pale Court for fight The Pale Council. You will see all four bosses again but if you need a specific loot from one of them don’t forget to kill him the last.

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Breachlords – Breach League bosses

Breaches can be found on maps an high level zones, or in Temple of Atzoatl. It is a big red hand that rises from the ground that activates breach encounter. Sometimes you will see Breachlords in these simple breach encounters, but to rise up the chance of that you’ll need to take nodes in Atlas Skill trees that upgrade breach encounters. Regulary you will have a bigger chance to collect breach splinters that will form a breachstone that will allow you to enter the zone with one of the Breachlords. There are five of them and each has personal splinters:

  • Xoph, Dark Embers (level 70)
  • Esh, Forked Thought (level 70)
  • Tul, Creeping Avalanche (level 70)
  • Uul-Netol, Unburdened Flesh (level 75)
  • Chayula, Who Dreamt (level 80)

You will need 100 splinters to get a specific Breachstone. So names of Breachstones and how to get them is mentioned further.

Xoph's BreachstoneXoph’s Breachstone – Collect 100 Splinter of XophSplinters of Xoph.

Esh's BreachstoneEsh’s Breachstone – Collect 100 Splinter of EshSplinters of Esh.

Tul's BreachstoneTul’s Breachstone – Collect 100 Splinter of TulSplinters of Tul.

Uul-Netol's BreachstoneUul-Netol’s Breachstone – Collect 100 Splinter of Uul-NetolSplinters of Uul-Netol.

Chayula's BreachstoneChayula’s Breachstone – Collect 100 Splinter of ChayulaSplinters of Chayula.

When you get a Breachstone you can place it into your map device and open portals to the boss. But also you can upgrade your Breachstone. Every single thing about Breachstones we have described in Path of Exile Breachstones Guide. You shoul have a look if you want to learn how to farm splinters faster and how to upgrade breachstones.

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The Beachhead maps with Harbinger bosses

There is a unique map that contains Harbinger bosses. You can find it in three variations as it comes in three tiers:

The Beachhead572Area contains 6 extra Harbingers
The Beachhead1077Area contains 6 extra Harbingers
The Beachhead1582Area contains 6 extra Harbingers

All of them contain 6 extra Harbingers, which are also referred to as Harbinger bosses. You can get The Beachhead almost like any other map with some restrictions. You can buy it on PoE trade, or you can loot it, find it at Zana’s shop or missions. Sometimes Zana opens a map that contains 2-3 Harbinger bosses and asks you to kill them.

There are some other ways to obtain The Beachhead map, which you can find in our post about The Beachhead map.

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Abyssal Liches

When you ran on a green spot on a map, you will see that ground cracks and monsters come out of it. This encounter can end up in three ways: you get nothing, you get an Abyssal Trove with loot, and you get a portal to Abyssal Depths. Only there you can meet one of the Abyssal Bosses. They spawn randomly and usually, you will see Stygian Spire, which is a unique monster but not a boss. The names of Abyssal Bosses are:

  • Ulaman, Sovereign of the Well
  • Amanamu, Liege of the Lightless

These bosses are also referred to as Lich. If you need to farm them you can increase your chances by taking special nodes in the Atlas Skill Tree:

Tirn’s End region

Abyss League

  • Underground Kingdom
    Areas have 1% chance to contain an Abyss per 2% increased Pack Size.
    Abysses in Areas have 100% increased chance to lead to an Abyssal Depths.
    Abyssal Depths in Areas have 100% increased chance to contain a Lich.

There are more nodes associated with Abyss league but only Underground Kingdom will increase the chance of Lich presence.

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Spirit Beasts

There are four Spirit Beasts that are a part of Bestiary League. Usually, you meet yellow and red beasts, but with a very rare chance, you can meet unique beast – Spirit Beasts. These four Spirit Beasts are bosses of the Bestiary League:

  • Craiceann, First of the Deep – gives the craft of Aspect of the Crab,
  • Farrul, First of the Plains – gives the craft of Aspect of the Cat,
  • Fenumus, First of the Night – gives the craft of Aspect of the Spider,
  • Saqawal, First of the Sky – gives the craft of Aspect of the Avian.

You can buy any of these beasts from other players, but it will not open the portal to his realm. You will only obtain the beastcrafting recipe with his aspect. You may need to find or buy the Spirit Beast once more to open the portal to his realm and kill him there in order to get specific loot.

There are no direct ways to speed up the process of obtaining any of these beasts. But you can take some nodes in the Atlas Skill trees to slightly increase your chances:

Lira Arthain region:

Bestiary League

  • Natural Selection
    Beasts in Areas are more likely to be less common varieties.

Tirn’s End region:

Bestiary League

  • Great Migration
    Areas with Einhar Missions have a 10% chance to contain additional Packs of Beasts instead of other Monsters.

The first node will increase the chance of finding less common beasts and the second one will increase the amount of beasts that can increase the chance of meeting one of the Spirit Beasts.

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The Vaal Omnitect

It is a boss in The Temple of Atzoatl. You can engage with Alva on maps to find out how to get there. While you help Alva you need to open the passage to Apex of Atzoatl room in order to reach the boss. The Vaal Omnitect never changes but the loot can be different from useless items to really expensive vials.

The other boss that you can summon to The Temple of Atzoatl is Atziri, the Queen of Vaal. We have described the whole path of forcing her to appear there in All Endgame bosses guide.

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Delve Bosses

A city biome may contain a special boss. Each boss can only spawn below a certain minimum depth.

BossIcon in DelveBiomeDepth
Ahuatotli, the BlindThe Grand Architect's TempleVaal Outpost35
Kurgal, the Blackblooded The Lich's TombAbyssal City110
Aul, the Crystal King The Crystal King's ThronePrimeval Ruins171

Below you can see the picture that shows areas where you can see the boss.

Delve Bosses Bioms

The areas (so-called biomes) are surrounded by a yellow line. In each block, there is one boss. You can see The Grand Architect's TempleThe Grand Architect’s Temple location that contains Ahuatotli, the Blind. And the other one in the picture is in The Lich's TombThe Lich’s Tomb location that contains Kurgal, the Blackblooded.

The third one is rare and you can find him no sooner than depth 171. But it may look like below.

The Crystal King's Throne

This boss is called Aul, the Crystal King and you can find him in The Crystal King's ThroneThe Crystal King’s Throne location.

There are other minor unique bosses for other Delve nodes, such as:

Amplifier DefenderAbandoned Amplifier
Miner’s Grip Awoken GiantHaunted Tomb
Priest of the Blood CovenantStonewood Hollow
6 rogue exileSmuggler’s Stash
Primordial BeastBeast Burrow
Lion of the Tunnels or
Gorgol Terror or
Blackhowl, Prime Stalker
Azurite Fissure
Diabolic WhispererNecromancer’s Excavation

There are no easy ways to reach Delve bosses, even nodes in the Atlas Skill Trees will only increase the amount of sulphite that you collect in zones and other bonuses not related with bosses. So the only advice here is to have a good build and dive deeper into the Delve.

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Catarina, Master of Undeath

The whole thing in Betrayal league is around the Immortal Syndicate. You will learn how to farm syndicate efficiently in Path of Exile Syndicate Farming Guide. So we don’t stop on other members of the syndicate. They are unique monsters too, but the final boss is Catarina, Master of Undeath. You can read more information about the Syndicate investigation in the guide that we have mentioned before. If you don’t know how to open the path to Catarina read it.

Immortal Syndicate Investigation board

Generally speaking, you can unlock passage to Catarina by collecting intelligence for four divisions. When you collect enough to open a safehouse of one of the divisions, go there and kill the captain. After that, you will slowly get investigation points for Catarina. How to open Catarina’s safehouse read below.

After you have investigated everything you need about Catarina go to Jun, Veiled Master in your hideout and ask her to open the portal to the Mastermind’s Lair where you will meet Catarina, Master of Undeath. The zone level will match the highest level Safehouse you have completed.

In Haewark Hamlet regional skill tree you can take Intelligence Gathering node that grants 10 Intelligence for a random Immortal Syndicate Safehouse. And in Valdo’s Rest reginal skill tree Gut Instinct node will grant 5 Intelligence for the current Encounter’s Safehouse if not Interrogated. That will make things faster.

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Venarius – Synthesis League

Venarius is boss from Syntesis league that spawns only on Cortex map, which is a unique Relic Chambers Map. Venarius is also referred to as Cavas, Forgotten Spirit. During the boss fight Venarius is untargetable but he summons other unique monsters that you a player must kill to complete the encounter.

The list of the bosses that Venarius summons is below. They have similar skills as other Synthesis Unique Maps

  • Fractal Gargantuan, a giant unique golem
  • Synthete Masterpiece, a humanoid unique monster
  • Fractal Titan, a giant unique golem
  • Synthete Nightmare, a humanoid unique monster

How to get Cortex map?

This map can only drop from Tier 14 or higher map bosses. It may also be sold by Zana or offered as her Atlas Mission. Or by the recipes below.

  • 8 The Encroaching Darkness cards that give you a random corrupted unique map. (This card drops almost anywhere)
  • Otherworldly Incubator has a chance to drop this unique map.
  • 4 Jack in the Box card can also grant you a unique item, which can be a unique map.

This items can ne obtain in league-specific chests or PoE trade.

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Legion Bosses

Legion bosses are accessible by placing one of five Timeless Emblems to your map device. There you will find one of the related bosses. In the table below you can see image of the Timeless Emblem, its name and the name of the boss that spawn there.

Timeless Eternal EmblemTimeless Eternal EmblemGeneral Marceus Lioneye
Timeless Karui EmblemTimeless Karui EmblemQueen Hyrri Ngamaku
Timeless Maraketh EmblemTimeless Maraketh EmblemAukuna, the Black Sekhema
Timeless Templar EmblemTimeless Templar EmblemCardinal Sanctus Vox
Timeless Vaal EmblemTimeless Vaal EmblemViper Napuatzi

All Timeless Emblems can be collected by stacking 100 related splinters:

  • Timeless Eternal Empire SplinterTimeless Eternal Empire Splinter
  • Timeless Karui SplinterTimeless Karui Splinter
  • Timeless Maraketh SplinterTimeless Maraketh Splinter
  • Timeless Templar SplinterTimeless Templar Splinter
  • Timeless Vaal SplinterTimeless Vaal Splinter

You can collect the splinters in Legion encounters of the league-specific chest. But if you want to learn how to get them faster you can read our Path of Exile Emblems guide.

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Delirium Bosses

There are two bosses that can spawn in Delirium encounters or you can find them on maps with Simulacrum. Those bosses are:

  • Omniphobia, Fear Manifest
  • Kosis, The Revelation

As for Simulacrums, they are map fragments that can be obtained by combining 300 Simulacrum Splinters. Using Simulacrum will open 6 portals to Lioneye’s Watch (Act 6), The Bridge Encampment (Act 7), The Sarn Encampment (Act 8), Highgate (Act 4/9), or Oriath Docks (Act 10).

Omniphobia, Fear Manifest can start spawning at wave 10 and is guaranteed to spawn at wave 15 if he doesn’t spawn before, while Kosis, The Revelation can start spawning at wave 15 and is guaranteed to spawn at wave 20 if he doesn’t spawn before. Delirium Bosses have an increased chance to spawn starting at wave 18 and can spawn several times per Simulacrum.

In Lex Ejoris regional skill tree Persecutory Delusion node has one important enhancement to help you find bosses: Delirium Encounters in Areas are 100% more likely to spawn Unique Bosses. And to farm Splinters: Delirium Bosses in Areas drop 100% increased Simulacrum Splinters.

As you need pretty many splinters to create a Simulacrum we have written a post Path of Exile Simulacrum Guide that will help you to farm them more effectively.

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Oshabi – Harvest League boss

There has been some changes to Harvest mechanics. Some of them occurred in patch 3.14 where Oshabi’s stop being random in Harvest encounters. Now you need to place Sacred Blossom map fragment into your map device to get access to The Sacred Grove, where Oshabi, Avatar of the Grove can be encountered.

Sacred Blossom is a guaranteed drop from T4 Harvest monsters (Janaar, the Omen, Namharim, Born of Nightm and Ersi, Mother of Thorns) from the map of Lex Proxima, if the players have the atlas passive skill Heart of the Grove allocated. Otherwise, the T4 Harvest monsters only have a chance to drop this map fragment.

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The Twins from Heist League

The Heist league has interesting encounters and questlines. Each rogue that works with you have his story but it is Kurai whose the last contract leads you to Vic Vox and Vinny Vox referred to as Twins. So you can find them only if you have a unique Vengeful Contract – Contract: The Twins.

It is easy to get to them: complete all green (guest) contracts until you find Kurai’s contract, then go and complete more to get Contract: The Twins. You can try to speed it up if you take in Lira Arthain regional skill tree Secret Stash node that gives +10% chance to contain a Smuggler’s Cache. Only there you will find questline contracts.

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The Trialmaster

It is the current league’s final boss. You will find it easy to encounter him as every map and location has an Ultimatum encounter. But you can fight the Trialmaster only in the tenth Trial of Chaos. Low-level areas and maps don’t offer 10 trials, so you need to try for it on higher tier maps. You can learn more about this league mechanics in Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum Mechanics Guide.

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So now you know how to encounter any of League-specific bosses. We will update this post when new bosses arrive.

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