How to Find Epic Games Trello Roadmap?

Trello is an online service where you can plan tasks and manage your work. Epic Games Trello Roadmap page is public, where they share what they are working on and what to expect from their service next. Let’s dive into Epic Games Trello to see how it works.

What is Epic Games Trello?

As we said above Trello is a task manager. Epic Games Store uses it to share news and task they are working on. You can see all the changes and plans via the link here. If you feel confused read on to learn more where we explain everything.

As developers of Epic Games say on their Trello page: “The purpose of this board is to provide information about upcoming features and known issues with the Epic Games store. Listed on this board will be features that are currently in development, as well as major known issues as they come up.”

How to understand Epic Games Trello?

In Epic Games Trello page you can see five different boards with the following names:

  • General Information
    • This board shows the main information about the board, names of labels, and other tips to use Epic Games Trello effectively.
  • Recently Shipped
    • Information about the tasks that have been fulfilled and added in the recent patches. Click on any of them to see what changes have been applied to the game.
  • Up Next
    • Similar to ‘Recently Shipped’ you can see what changes will be added in the next patch or a bit further.
  • Future Development
    • In this epic games trello board, you can see tasks planned for future patches. It is hard to say when they will be added to the app, but certainly during the following 6-12 months.
  • Releases
    • This board contains something like patch notes. You can see that massages there are names as Client and Web, those are changes related to different Epic Games Store applications. Client is for the one you have downloaded and installed on your PC and Web is the one you use in a browser.
Epic Games Trello

Epic Games Trello label tracking

In ‘General Information’ board you can see different labels. They come in different colours and used for different situations:

  • Incoming fix
  • Known issues
  • Player quality of life
  • Ongoing
  • Core platform

You can easily understand the purpose of each label. This is the way developers group the tasks on each epic games trello board. Finally, in the top right corner, you can click on the button to expand the menu and see the recent activity.

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