How to Forge Legendary Items in Shadowlands Guide

World of Warcraft legendaries have been through a lot of changes pat through several years. This time Blizzard introduces a new approach to legendary items in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. The main idea is that you will need to craft the properties on weapons. So let’s have a closer look on how to forge legendary items in Shadowlands.

The Runecarver

The other important implementation in WoW Shadowlands is Torghast a special instance which a player will need for many different in-game features. One of them is closely related to crafting legendary items. During the Torghast introductory questline, you will unlock the Runecarver. Moreover, Memory of the Runecarver Legendary recipes drop only if the Runecarver is unlocked by you.

The Runecarver

The Runecarver is a special NPC located in the Torghast who can help you forge your weapons. To get into Torghast you will need to reach level 60 and pledge yourself to a covenant to open introductory questline to Torghast. After you complete the questline you will be able to enter Torghast via the portal at the back portion of Ve’nari Refuge in The Maw. The Runecarver’s chamber is in the right from the entrance.

How to Craft Legendary Gear

The process is simple, but you will need to work to get the required ingredients for craft. To create your Legendary Gear Piece, you will need:

  1. A Base Item (Each base item has four ranks and starts out at Rank 1. 10 crafts will unlock Rank 2, 20 more will unlock Rank 3, and a further 20 will unlock Rank 4.) – Base Items are the blank templates from which Legendary Items are created. Blacksmiths, Jewelcrafters, Leatherworkers, and Tailors will be able to craft Base Items. Base item recipes are found by playing max level content.
  2. 2 Stat Scrolls – These scrolls are created by players who have learned the Inscription profession.
  3. Soul Ash – You get Soul Ash by completing Torghast Tower (full run).
  4. The Memory of the Runecarver Legendary Recipe – They are obtained through specific means of acquisition, such as drops from raid or dungeon bosses.

Crafted Base Items

Head Grim-Veiled Hood Shadowghast Helm Umbrahide Helm Boneshatter Helm
Shoulders Grim-Veiled Spaulders Shadowghast Pauldrons Umbrahide Pauldrons Boneshatter Pauldrons
Chest Grim-Veiled Robe Shadowghast Breastplate Umbrahide Vest Boneshatter Vest
Wrists Grim-Veiled Bracers Shadowghast Armguards Umbrahide Armguards Boneshatter Armguards
Hands Grim-Veiled Mittens Shadowghast Gauntlets Umbrahide Gauntlets Boneshatter Gauntlets
Belt Grim-Veiled Belt Shadowghast Waistguard Umbrahide Waistguard Boneshatter Waistguard
Pants Grim-Veiled Pants Shadowghast Greaves Umbrahide Leggings Boneshatter Greaves
Boots Grim-Veiled Sandals Shadowghast Sabatons Umbrahide Treads Boneshatter Treads

Jewelcrafters can produce two Base Items:

Each base item has four ranks and starts out at Rank 1. 10 crafts will unlock Rank 2, 20 more will unlock Rank 3, and a further 20 will unlock Rank 4.

 Shrouded Cloth is a crafting material that will be acquired through playing the game as usual, but  Enchanted Lightless Silk is created by Enchanters.

Stat Scrolls

Inscriptionists can create Stat Scrolls, the components that defines which stats your Legendary piece will have. Each Legendary requires two Stat Scrolls.

Upgrading Your Legendary

You can upgrade legendary items for Soul Ashes. If your Legendary is Rank 1, Rank2, or Rank 3, you can upgrade it. The maximum Rank is Rank 4, iLevel 235. Upgrading your Legendary requires three things:

  1. Your current Legendary Item.
  2. A new Base Item of the same type as your Legendary and at the Rank that you want to upgrade to.
  3. 100 Soul Ash for each Rank that you are upgrading your Legendary.

Once you have those three things, take them to the Runecarver and it will help you upgrade your Legendary.

Since Soul Ash is gated at 100 per week, you’re not going to waste any Soul Ash if you craft a Legendary early. Every Rank 4 Legendary will cost 400 Soul Ash, whether it is created at Rank 4 or created at Rank 1 and upgraded.

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