How to get access to Honkai: Star Rail closed beta?

The new upcoming turn-based strategy-RPG by miHoYo games has driven a lot of attention. Honkai: Star Rail is under development but lucky players can get access to Honkai: Star Rail closed beta through different means. Even though Honkai: Star Rail release date is not known yet you can still find your way of winning the keys to the closed beta testing.

What is Honkai: Star Rail?

As we have already mentioned it is an upcoming turn-based strategy-RPG title in the Honkai series that takes players on a cosmic adventure across the stars. The game is being developed by miHoYo games the famous company that runs Genshin Impact.

If you want to learn more details about Honkai: Star Rail you can read our Honkai: Star Rail FAQ.

Honkai: Star Rail first closed beta

The truth is that you need to monitor all Honkai: Star Rail social media or our website to learn about events that can grant you access to closed beta testing. The first chapter of Honkai: Star Rail closed beta has ended but we will tell you how you cloud have participated in it.

The first event had 10 winners that were picked by miHoYo. To participate in the event you needed to sign up via the link. Also, you could have written your miHoYo id in the comments and waited. In addition, you could follow all official social media pages of Honkai: Star Rail to raise your chances of getting access to the first part of Honkai: Star Rail beta testing.

Honkai: Star Rail first closed beta has ended

Unfortunately, the Honkai: Star Rail first closed beta has ended. The server is closed and all participating beta testers are not able to log into the game. All game data from this beta test is also deleted.

Honkai: Star Rail second closed beta

We will write the eligibility of participating in the upcoming Honkai: Star Rail closed beta here when it is up. For now, there is a quick notice from miHoYo:

Don’t worry, the next chapter in the Express’s journey is not far off.
The Crew looks forward to reuniting with all of you Trailblazers again soon!

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