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Karazhan is part of WoW Burning Crusade Classic Phase 1. It is now active and you can get Attunement to Karazhan to unlock the raid and loot what you need. So how to unlock Karazhan? How to open the door to that raid and get what is yours? Read on to learn more about Karazhan Attunement and how to get The Master’s Key to Karazhan raid.

Karazhan is the first 10-person raid instance in The Burning Crusade Classic, accessible at launch. It is located in Deadwind Pass a haunted forest and canyon on the edges of the Kingdom of Stormwind in the southern Eastern Kingdoms. There are 12 bosses in Karazhan, but it doesn’t have wings so some bosses can be skipped. But, the following bosses and encounters must be defeated in order: Moroes -> Opera Event -> The Curator -> Chess Event. Every other boss is technically optional.

There is plenty of loot for every class in Karazhan but the most interesting one is related to Tier 4 tokens, two of them you can get in Karazhan:

Item SlotSourceDruid, Warrior, PriestHunter, Mage, WarlockPaladin, Rogue, Shaman
HelmPrince Malchezaar – KarazhanHelm of the Fallen DefenderHelm of the Fallen HeroHelm of the Fallen Champion
GlovesThe Curator – KarazhanGloves of the Fallen DefenderGloves of the Fallen HeroGloves of the Fallen Champion

As you can see we have mentioned only those to obtainable in Karazhan: helm and gloves.

Karazhan Attunement Quests

In WoW burning Crusade Classic you cannot just enter a raid, you need the key. Those keys can be obtained by different means in TBC. Here we will tell you how to get The Master’s Key to Karazhan.

You will need to get Attunement to Karazhan by completing a sequence of quests that we’ve divided into 6 stages:

  1. The Master’s Cellar quests:
    • Go to Karazhan entrance and meet there Archmage Alturus, who will give you quests Arcane Disturbances and Restless Activity.
    • Go to The Master’s Cellar and complete the quest Arcane Disturbances – Use the Violet Scrying Crystal near the underground sources of water in The Master’s Cellar, either the pond or well.
    • After that complete Restless Activity – Ghostly Essence drop from ghosts inside The Master’s Cellar.
    • Don’t forget to turn in the quests.
  2. Contact from Dalaran:
    • You’ll now receive Alturus’s Report from Archmage Alturus, who then asks you to seek out Archmage Cedric at the Dalaran Crater.
  3. Meet Khadgar:
    • Archmage Cedric will send you to Shattrath City to speak to Khadgar.
  4. Collect key fragments:
    • Retrieve the three key fragments from Burning Crusade instances:
      • The First Key Fragment is in Shadow Labyrinth, at the very end of the instance, near Murmur on the left-hand side.
      • The Second Key Fragment is in The Steamvault, in the pool of water just to the right of Hydromancer Thespia.
      • The Third Key Fragment is in The Arcatraz. When you get to Zereketh the Unbound, go up the ramp and stop at the entrance to the next room, which is full of Negaton Screamers. In the corner to your right, is the Arcane Container.
  5. The Master’s Touch quest:
    • Now provided with Restored Apprentice’s Key, you are now sent to The Black Morass. Find Medivh and activate your key.
  6. Return to Khadgar quest:
    • Return to Shattrath City and speak with Khadgar. You’ll now receive The Master’s Key, as well as unlock further quests outside of Karazhan for the epic ring and trinket rewards.

As you can see you will need to travel a lot in order to get the Master’s key that unlocks Karazhan. Don’t forget that it resets weekly.

How to Get to Karazhan in TBC Classic

When you get the Master’s key you can enter Karazhan. Here you’ll read about the flight sides and ways to get next to the raid entrance.

  • Alliance can fly to DarkshireDuskwood and ride east into Deadwind Pass.
  • Horde can fly into StonardSwamp of Sorrows and ride west into Deadwind Pass.
  • Players with Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian, can teleport there using Portal: Karazhan.

Shortcuts inside Karazhan

  • Killing Shade of Aran allows you to teleport to his room by speaking to Berthold <The Doorman>.
  • Once the Opera Event has been cleared, players can zone in from the side entrance. To get there, head right from the main entrance, go across the creek and find stairs that lead to a bridge and eventually a door.
  • The servant entrance in the mezzanine above the ballroom can help later on to shorten certain paths to bosses inside the raid.

Vendors and Repairs inside Karazhan

  • Koren, will repair gear for players who are Honored with The Violet Eye. He also sells some epic Blacksmithing recipes.
  • Ythyar, a reagent and The Consortium reputation reward vendor, can repair gear outside of the Gamesman’s Hall, in the room before the Chess Event.

We have inserted the link that leads to our guide about reaching Exalted with The Violet Eye faction. But you can also read other TBC reputation guides in WoW Burning Crusade Classic Reputation and Factions List.

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