How to Get Better at Warding League of Legends

MOBA is a special genre of games in which the victory of the team will depend not only on skill. There is a combination of factors that can become decisive during a match. One of such factors is the ability to ward and de-ward correctly. In this guide, you can understand for yourself how to get better at warding in League of Legends.

Ward item and rune list

To get started, let’s figure out what are the ways to enlighten other players or invisible objects in LoL. That can become possible with special items that you can buy in a shop (wards) and special runes that give the character unique features associated with enlightenment.

LoL Ward items

Let’s star with the list of wards and vision trinkets in League of Legends.

Warding totem

This is a trinket that any player can get at the very beginning of the game for free. They have own charges, which will be replenished every 240-120 seconds, depending on your champion’s level. This ward is invisible to the enemy team but will disappear from the map in some period of time.

Control Ward

This type of ward you can buy in the shop and it is very important that each of your team (not only support) use it. The main feature of the control ward is that it highlights all invisible characters and all invisible objects. And yes, you can see Shaco’s puppets and Teemo’s mushrooms thanks to the control ward.

Infernal Quadrant

Also, control wards in League of Legends are used to de-ward other team’s wards. If you place a control ward in a bush that contains enemy’s warding totem it will become visible and you will have an ability to destroy it. Also next to the control ward, other enemy wards lose their visibility range and almost stop working.

Control wards remain on the map until someone destroys them, but they are visible to anyone, so you’ll need to protect them.

Farsight Alteration

It is also a trinket (the blue one). You can get free as well. It is useful for attacking champions as it has a long-range of placement and you can lighten a bush far before entering it. On the other hand, it takes only one hit to destroy Farsight Alteration. If no one destroys it Farsight Alteration ward will remain till the end of the match. But taking into the account that it can be visible to anyone that’s really unlikely to happen.

Oracle Lens

The third trinket (the red one). It is free as well, but it is used to de-ward. You can use it around your champion to highlight all the hidden enemies and objects, including other team’s wards and champions around you. But it won’t stay for long. You will have 10 seconds to check the area you are interested in. Usually, supports and junglers prefer to use Oracle Lens.

LoL Vision runes list

And now we will briefly tell you about the rune in League of Legends that will give you vision features.

Ghost Poro

It is a rune from Domination tree. On entering a bush you will put there a Ghost Poro. It will be there until someone enters the bush. Then that Poro scares away and a 60s cooldown is set. A useful rune for junglers.

Zombie Ward

This one is a perfect match for supports and junglers. As these two roles are usually involved in de-warding. Zombie ward is a rune that activates the ability to create a ward on the place of the enemy ward you destroy. That’ is why they are called zombies. They will remain for 120 seconds and are not count into the limit of 3 wards on the map from one player.

Season 10 changes

Duskblade of Draktharr

Duskblade of Draktharr grants attack damage, cooldown reduction, and lethality. That’s mainly why it is used by assassins and bursting AD carries. It works the following way. When you enter a bush with enemy wards you trigger an ability. It will disable the vision of all wards in radius and you can destroy them in a single hit. While ability is triggered you can check other places and destroy wards there as well.

Warding Map Layout

To become better at warding league you should understand Summoner’s Rift layout and know the best warding places. We cannot tell you all the best places for all possible situations but we will give you a general understanding. We made a warding scheme using You can use it as a warding league cheat-sheet.

Ward Map Layout

With our cheat sheet, you can see the most important and popular places for warding. Green ones are for warding totems and pink ones are for control wards. The position of wards in the image is suitable for laning phase. The main principle here is that you place the wards deeper into the enemy’s jungle as you approach it. don’t rush and ward enemy jungle at the beginning of the game, use them to prevent roam attacks while you farm, for instance. Mid-game is more oriented on putting vision around specific objects, like Baron or Dragons. Late-game is the most unpredictable. You will need to act in accordance with the situation. Usually, you use wards around your base if you are losing and enemy’s base if you are winning. And don’t forget that a key to victory in League of Legends is to de-ward enemy wards!

How do you get a high vision score?

This metric was introduced in order to make it clear to the players how important it is to ward as a team. The answer to the question of how to get a high rank will be simple – ward and de-ward as much as possible. What is a good ward score? As high as possible. You will need to keep in mind that the better your vision the more you control the map. The more you control the map the great chances to overcome the enemy. Simple as that.

VISION SCORE = (1 point per minute of ward lifetime provided) + (1 point per minute of ward lifetime denied).

The formula above shows you the principal of getting the high vision score in League of Legends. If your main goal is to gain a high vision rank instead of learning how to ward correctly, you can see all the details here. Otherwise, continue to read our LoL warding tips.

League of Legends Warding Tips

There are many guides that paint all your movements during the warding process to the smallest detail. Our tips are designed to give you a boost in improvement. Our list will really help you to get better at warding league.

1 As we already said you must realize that warding is a team process. Everyone including you regardless of your role and position is in charge of warding your segment on the map. As well as de-warding it. So buying and placing the control ward is a must.

2 Choose and use proper trinket. You can start a game with any trinket you like that suits our early-game. But the moment you start roaming you needs to change it for the proper one. It is common that teach role and trinket is divided the following way.

  • Top lane: Warding totem (yellow ward)
  • Jungler: Oracle Lens (unless you are using a ward to ump on it like Lee Sin) (the red one)
  • Mid laner (mage): Farsight Alteration (blue ward)
  • Mid laner (assassin): Oracle Lens (the red one)
  • Mid laner (fighter): Warding totem (yellow ward)
  • ADC: Farsight Alteration (blue ward)
  • Support: Oracle Lens (the red one)

3 Ward for prevention. Try to ward potentially weak places on the map. The ones where enemy jungler can strike you from the back unexpectedly, for instance. Always remember to place wards in accordance with the situation. As weak places will change during the match!

4 Ward to control objectives. You will need to get objectives in order to boost your team to win the game. In order to find the best moment to go for a Dragon is to ward it in time and properly.

5 Ward and de-ward before teamfights. Sometimes it is important to make ambushes. But you’ll need to prepare for it. First, find the best spot, de-ward it and locate your wards for the future. Or if there weren’t any wards you can stay there and wait for enemies and strike unexpectedly.

We hope you get better in warding League of Legends in no time. But be ready that it can take some time to adjust and learn your weakness and use them for self-improvement.

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