How to get LoL Spirit Bond Favor – Spirit Bond Missions and more

As a part of League of Legends Spirit Blossom Festival, there is a Spirit Bond. There you will see 10 champions and their fascinating stories. Designed as a Visual Novel Spirit Bonds will give you a lot of fun and special rewards. You can learn about Spirit Blossom Festival and Spirit Bonds in our next post. And in this one, you will learn how to get favor with champions to level up Spirit Bond with them.

Spirit Bonds Map

Before you start make you that you have activated the event. To participate in Spirit Bond you need to click Spirit Bonds in League of Legends launcher and follow the story you see. Answer as you like, that will influence the story, not the game or rewards. After that, you will see the map, click on every champion and talk through all the dialogues until you see missions and favor progression. Like in the screenshot below.

Vayne Spirit Bond tokens

If the champion Spirit Bond activated you will no longer see an exclamation mark near its portrait on the map. If you active all of them you can see how to combine your in-game performance to level up Spirit Bonds with several champions at the same time. As you can see there you can see only the progression of favor you have and the missions. But how to get more favor?

How much Spirit bonds Favor I get for playing League of Legends matches?

If this is the question that lead you to this article then you got lucky. We will answer it with pleasure.

Win a game of SR/ARAM/NB2
Lose a game of SR/ARAM/NB1
Win a game of TFT (Come in 4th or higher)4
Lose a game of TFT (Come in 5th or lower)2

SR = Summoner’s Rift
ARAM = “All random all mid”
NB = Nexus Blitz
TFT = Teamfight Tactics

Do I get extra favor for playing with Spirit Blossom skin?

The answer is yes and here is how much exactly:

Play as a champion with their Spirit Blossom skin equipped in SR/NB3 favor for the Corresponding Champion
Play as a champion who has a Spirit Blossom skin in SR/NB1 favor for the Corresponding Champion
Play as a champion with their Spirit Blossom skin equipped in ARAM6 favor for the Corresponding Champion
Playing as a champion who has a Spirit Blossom skin unequipped in ARAM2 favor for the Corresponding Champion

But you will get the extra favor points only to the progression with the corresponding champion. Also, note that you can play vs AI and get extra points as well, but you won’t complete Spirit Bonds missions like that.

Spirit Bonds Missions – Favor Points you get

Make sure you play PvP mode, otherwise, the mission will not complete.

ThreshAchieve a CC score above 35 to earn 10 favorPlay a 2* Thresh to earn 8 Favor
RivenAchieve 2/3/4/ or 5 Multi-Kill to earn 4/7/10/ or 12 favorEliminate a player to earn 4 Favor
VayneAchieve 5/8/12/15/ or 20 Kills to earn 1/2/3/4/ or 5 favorPlay a 3 or 6 bonus of any kind to earn 1 or 4 favor
TeemoAchieve a Vision Score above 35 to earn 4 favorCombine and play a Spatula Item to earn 4 favor
CassiopeiaDeal damage to champions above 28k to earn 7 favorPlay 1 or 2 3* unit(s) to earn 1 or 4 favor
LilliaWin with at least 15 takedowns on champions to earn 5 favorLand in the top 4 in an Alternate Universe to earn 2 favor
AhriPlay as Ahri with 0/1/2/ or 3 deaths to earn 8/3/2/ or 1 favorMake a 3* Ahri to earn 4 favor
YasuoAchieve a 1/3/6/9/ or 12 kill streak as Yasuo to earn 2/4/6/8/or 10 favorPlay with a 3 or 6 Rebel bonus to earn 2 or 4 favor
KindredKill 1/3/ or 5 Epic Monster(s) to earn 1/2/ or 3 favorSurvive until the Major Kayn Round to earn 4 favor

Also, in this table that we share from LoL official blog you can see more detailed missions. So you will know what exactly you need to do to get the wished number of Spirit Blossom favor points.

Nexus Blitz Spirit Blossom extra Favor

You’ll earn 3 bonus favor by completing a Nexus Blitz specific task for the associated champion alongside the 1 or 3 favor you earn by losing or winning respectively.

ThreshParticipate and be on the surviving team in Push The Cart
RivenParticipate and be on the winning team in Prize Fight
VayneParticipate and be on the winning team in King of the Hill
TeemoBe on the team that last hits the Loot Goblin (Veigar or Teemo)
CassiopeiaParticipate and be on the winning team DPS Race
LilliaParticipate and be on the team that defeats the other team’s Soraka bot in Project the Soraka
AhriParticipate and be on the winning team in URF Deathmatch
YasuoParticipate and be on the surviving team in Bardle Royale
KindredParticipate and be on the winning team in Scuttle Racing

This is everything you need to know about the number of Spirit favor you can get and how. Next time we will tell you about Spirit Blossom petals in Spirit Bonds.

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