How to get Prestige Points in LoL 2020

Prestige Points in League of Legends are special currency items that you can spend on buying Prestige skins. Every year Riot Games present the schedule for all prestige skin so you can decide which of them to obtain in future. Usually, one prestige skin costs 100 prestige points. But how to get them? Read on to learn how to get Prestige Points in LoL 2020.

Prestige Skins Schedule for the second half of 2020

Below you can see the list of skins that you can buy for prestige points. Some of them are available now but some are going to be released really soon.

2020 Prestige Point skins:

  • True Damage Senna (available now)
  • Coven Zyra (available now)
  • Arcanist Zoe (releasing in 10.14)
  • Yasuo
  • Soraka

So there are three more prestige points skins left. As for Soraka you will see the remake of the previous Soraka skin but in prestige edition.

2020 Prestige Points will expire January 28th 2021, 13:00 PT. At that point, 2020’s Prestige Point skins will become unobtainable outside of Hextech Crafting drops.

2020 Event Prestige skins:

  • Mecha Kingdoms Garen (event ended)
  • Dark Star Malphite (event ended)
  • Pulsefire Lucian (event ended)
  • Teemo
  • Ezreal
  • Sett
  • Kai’Sa (Worlds event K/DA ALL OUT skins ending soon)
  • Diana

These skins are added into League of Legends in addition to event. So you can obtain them only during the event. If you want to buy any of them keep up with the schedule.

Prestige Points Skins Shop

All 2020 Event Prestige skins will return in the end of the year Prestige Shop for purchase with Prestige Points. Unlocking a 2020 Prestige skin via loot drop or skin shard reroll will only grant the border and icon if the skin is still obtainable via 2020 Prestige Points (for Prestige Point skins) or Event Tokens (for Event Prestige skins).

Border and icon cutoff dates:

  • Prestige Point skins: January 28th 2021, 13:00 PT
  • Event Prestige skins: When tokens expire from your inventory
    • When event token skins return at the end of the year for purchase with Prestige Points, those purchases won’t grant borders or icons (aside from Diana for the period she’s available for purchase via Event Tokens).

How to get LoL Prestige Points?

Now when we know all the stuff we can buy for them let’s talk more about the ways to obtain prestige points.

Masterwork Chest Bundles and Prestige Points

Masterwork Chest Bundle and Prestige Points

First of all, you can buy Masterwork Chests bundles in the shop that will be active till January 28th 2021. You can see all of them above in the picture or read the details below.

  • 225 RP: 1 Masterwork Chest & Key + 1 Prestige Point
  • 1125 RP: 5 Masterwork Chests & Keys + 6 Prestige Points
  • 2250 RP: 11 Masterwork Chests & Keys + 13 Prestige Points

Event Bundles and Milestone Missions

Event Bundles and Prestige Points

Each massive event in League of Legends will add special bundles into the shop. In the picture above you can see two options to obtain prestige points during Worlds 2020 event. These are two passes, both of them grant the possibility to get 50 prestige points via milestone missions. These missions will open after you buy any of these passes. They contain tasks and for completing them you will receive prestige points.

Event shop 2020

You can buy event prestige skins in the Event Shop (the one where you forge skins) and exchange 2200 Worlds Tokens on 100PP and icon.

Also, Riot added the following event specials. Event Shop will offer a one-time purchase of 100 Prestige Points as an option for players who prefer a Prestige Points skin to that event’s Prestige skin. The token price of this purchase will be a bit higher than the price of the event skin on offer.

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