How to make a Snowboy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

The winter season is approaching and it is time for winter fun, What can be more fun than making a snowman with your friends? Of course, make a Snowboy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Here you will learn how to make a perfect one.

During winter events in Animal Crossing making a Snowboy is a part of the celebration. There are different days when this event is taking place due to your location, we mention it below.

Northern HemisphereDecember 11 to February 24
Southern HemisphereJune 11 to August 24

That’s like in the real world when Australians celebrate Christmas on the beach because it is hot there and vice versa when we have summer there is snow in Australia. The same thing happens in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

Making a perfect Snowboy in Animal Crossing can be a profitable activity because you can get awesome things for that. For example, Large Snowflakes and seasonal DIY Recipes.

How to make a Snowboy?

Now we introduce you simple steps needed to create any Snowboy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

  1. Find 2 snowballs.
  2. Kick a snowball 13 times to make it bigger.
  3. Adjust the size by rolling it with your hands.
  4. Roll the second snowball, and put it over the larger snowball.
  5. Get rewards based on your Snowboy’s proportions.

Now let’s make it clearer. You cannot make snowballs yourself, they will randomly spawn somewhere in your world during the event. So go and find them both to proceed. Besides, you can make only one Snowboy per day so to get rewards you’ll need to make it perfect.

When you kick a snowball make sure that they avoid any obstacles or you can break or lose it. As we have mentioned above you will need to kick a ball 13 times. There is no special hotkey needed, just run onto a little snowball and the character will automatically kick it to roll. While you roll it will grow in size.

If you did everything right after 13 kicks your snowball will be large enough to adjust its size by rolling with your hands. You will need to make a large bottom and a bit smaller top to make a good Snowboy. In case, you made a mistake and your top is too big, you can roll your snowball on the ground without the snow to make it smaller.

How to make a Snowboy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It is worth remembering that there is primitive physics in Animal Crossing. So if you roll your snowball down the arch bridge, for example, it will roll faster and you might have problems with catching it. So try to avoid them if you don’t want to break the snowball. But don’t worry, if you break a snowball it will respawn again. Just enter and quit any building and it will appear.

When you are satisfied with both of your snowballs you’ll need to connect them. Roll the bottom of the future Snowboy at the place you want him to stand. Roll the second snowball next to it. Make sure both of them have perfect sizes and you are satisfied with the proportions. After that roll, the smaller snowball on the bigger one and they will automatically form a Snowboy.

Making a snowman is not hard, but if you want great rewards, you’ll need to make a perfect Snowboy. We will explain some tips below.

Tips to make a perfect Snowboy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The main idea here is to make perfect proportions between big and small snowballs. So before you connect them you’ll need to measure them somehow. Also, you’ll need to stick to some measurements in the first place. The best and easiest way to measure your snowball is to use your Camera app on NookPhone.

Stand next to your snowball and make a photo next to it. Now measure them to the following instructions:

  • the bottom (the nig one) should reach the top of your character’s ears
  • the top (the small) should reach your character’s chin

You can also measure the big snowball by your character’s eyes. It is good if it reaches the middle of your character’s eyes.

SnowBoy in Animal Crossing

You can also do the other way and roll the max size. It might also be the high point of snowballs size. It means that no matter how long you roll the snowball doesn’t increase in size.

The small snowball can be also measured by your character’s ears. If it reaches the bottom of your character’s ears it’ll be good. If you rolled the max size for the body, you can match it by rolling the snowball for the head until it reaches between your chin and below your ears.

The tricky thing here is that while you are measuring the snowball the other one can be rolled by the dung beetles. So keep an eye on your snowballs or they’ll mess everything up! The good idea here is to roll the first one to the max size and work on the smaller one. In this case, even if dung beetles roll the big snowball it will not increase.

Snowboy Rewards

So what do you get for your affords? On making a perfect Snowboy you get rewards. One of them is a DIY recipe from the Frozen series. It is a set of ice furniture and more. Also, you will get a Large Snowflake. It is a craftable material for some items from the Frozen series.

Your perfect Snowboy will give you one Large Snowflake every day until he melts, which is 4 days. So if you build a perfect Snowboy per day you can get up to 4 Large Snowflakes every day. Just talk with every perfect Snowboy that you have.

On the other hand, if your Snowboy is not perfect you get nothing. So it is worth practising.

After building a perfect Snowboy for the first time, you will unlock the Nook Mileage activity “Snowmeastro“! It is possible to make 20 perfect Snowboys in one snowy season, so you don’t have to worry about having to wait another year if you don’t time travel.

Large Snowflake Animal Crossing

Below you can see more details about Snowmeastro:

  • Build a perfect Snowboy for the first time:
    • 300 miles
    • Cold-Sensitive/Sprite titles
  • Build 10 perfect Snowboys.
    • 500 miles
    • Snow/Angel titles
  • Build 20 perfect Snowboys.
    • 1000 miles
    • Cool/Imp titles

Some closer tips. Don’t forget that all your Snowboys melt in 4 days. Also, you can and should build a Snowboy every day. The more perfect Snowboys you build the more rewards you get. In case, you cannot find snowballs, try to create open areas all look between the buildings. Remember that they spawn pretty small.

I guess that’s all. Check our post – Animal Crossing December To-Do List – Events, Birthdays, Gathering etc. to learn more about all December events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch.

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