How to play retro arcade games on PC

The gaming industry is developing every year becoming better and better. We all have a chance to see massive games with realistic graphics and rich gameplay. But as every new decade changes more and more people have a desire to play their favourite old-school games. If you are one of them this post is for you. Here we will tell you how to play your favourite retro arcade games on PC.

Pokemon - Fire Red Version

There are several ways to make it possible. Some of them need lots of skill and concentration. Others are simple and quick. Further, we will have a glance at some of the most popular ones.

Set up everything yourself

The trickiest way to play old console games on PC is to pick the right software, integrated it into your windows correctly, adjust everything to work perfectly. But the hardest thing here is that you need to make all the changes all over again if you want to play a game that was supported by a different platform. It means that if you pick this way you need to realize it is not universal for all retro games.

What do you need

To make everything work you need to make sure that you have all you need. For instance, to begin your long way to personal emulation to play retro arcade games on PC:

  • One copy of MAMEUI64
  • Public-Domain Arcade ROMs for testing
  • Arcade or Game Controller
  • XPadder or Joy2Key
  • USB Drive

In the long run, you need to read or watch a lot of guides to make everything work for you. Start from installing and MAMEGUI64 and move to ROMs then. But as for us, we’d rather prefer the easiest way.

Play retro arcade games on PC with an emulator

We live in a world when you can have anything done for you. If you don’t want to spend lots of time and effort into setting everything up yourself this way is what you need.

First, decide what arcade game are you willing to play. Then learn what console emulator do you need to play it and install it onto your PC. After that, you can download ROMs games and play. All you need to pay attention to is what emulator to use with a game. That’s fast and simple!

The tricky bit here is to find a place where you can get all of that stuff. There are many websites that sell emulators or retro games. But as for me, there is no need to buy it as there are some great websites where you can get ROMs games online for free.

The one we trust and use to write reviews is Except it is free it has one more great advantage. You can get both console emulators and arcade ROMs all in one place!

So that is pretty much it. Even though you choose to set emulator yourself Romsie can be in use for you to get arcade ROMs. We wish you lots of fun playing retro arcade games on PC.

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