How to Play TeamFight Tactics: Complete Guide

As Teamfight Tactics midset is already playable it is high time to rush into the game. Our Complete Guide about How to Play TeamFight Tactics will be useful for the beginners and potential players.

What is Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics is one of the new games that have appeared after the popularity of Autochess. There are a lot of games like TFT but all of them have the same purpose. Which is to s collect a winning combination of heroes, upgrade them and locate in the best positions on the battleground to defeat all of your competitors.

How to play TFT?

There are 8 players in one match in Teamfight Tactics. The champions that you collect are taken from League of Legends. Every new season and in the missed, there is a rotation of the champions and their traits. Also, every season in TFT has its unique theme. For example, now it is called Galaxies and you will see all the LoL skins related to this topic. In addition, to cosmetics, each new season has new features which change some game mechanics.

How to play TFT?

Before we write about some particular tips about positioning or gold stacking, we’d like to highlight some specific game features.

Phases and game structure

First of all, the game is divided into the combat phase and planning phase. In the planning phase, you’ll have time to purchase new champions and position them. During the combat phase, your champions fight automatically and you are not allowed to operate with them (you cannot change their position or upgrade while in combat). But even during the combat phase you can purchase new champions, level up or lock the champion cards to prevent them from changing in the next round. That can be useful if you don’t need enough gold to purchase a champion but you really need that one. Also, you can put items on your champion during both phases.

In addition, to game phases, TFT has a unique game structure. Thus you will see PvP stages, PvE stages and carousel stages.

PvP stages are the ones where your champions fight against other player’s champions. The stage ends after all pairs have finished their fights. After the winning round, you get a bonus 1 gold.

PvE stages are the ones where your champions will fight against monsters and receive loot for that. These stages are the only chance to get items for your champions. Also, they drop randomly, so everything depends on your luck.

Carousel stage is unique to Teamight Tactics. You start the game on this stage and you’ll see it repeating in some specific sequence. There you can choose one of the champions that are running around and obtain it. But you need to be fast and take it before your opponents. Also, during the game, you will be activated in a line represented by your performance. In the right side of the screen, you’ll see the ladder that will change while you are playing. The lower your place the faster you will be activated to get a champion during the carousel stage.

Player level and earning experience

In Teamfight Tactics your champions don’t level up, you can only upgrade them bu collecting three identical champions. When you collect 3 starting champions you’ll get 1 silver champion, and after you collect 3 silver champions you’ll get a golden one. It is very good luck if you get a golden champion in the early game.

But that’s not the point as we will talk about your players level. Generally, the number of your level (you will see it above you mini legend) is the number of champions you can put onto the battleground. The first 4-5 levels are easy to get, but further you’ll need to set up priorities whether to spend your gold on fast levelling, or to buy champions, or save it up for later.

After every round, you will get 2 experience points. But it is not the only way to get them. Also, you can exchange your gold on experience points (4 gold per 4 exp). Sometimes it is very useful to trade and will help you win the next round.

Earning gold

There are several ways to earn gold in Teamfight Tactics. The first one is to get it passively after every round. But you can influence the amount of the gold you get. For example, if you stack 10 gold coins you’ll get +1 gold coin bonus next round. And if you stack 50 gold coins you will get +5 gold coins. Unfortunately, 60 gold points will give you +5 coins as well, so it is more profitable to get to the 50 coins for the maximum bonus and then spend the change.

Phases and game structure

How can you make it work for you? Try not to spend a lot of coins and wait until the 50 coins stack or buy all the champions you get to see what to play with earlier and sell all of the unnecessary ones. You will get all the gold you’ve spent on them.

Besides, you can get coins during win or loss streaks. The more you win or lose the more bonus coins you get.


All champions in TFT have traits. Those are their race and class. You will need to learn the current season winning traits to play more effectively. Also, pay attention that some of the traits can become active after you collect a specific number of champions.

Besides, usually, they have several stages of the bonuses they give. For example, you can get a bronze bonus for 3 champions from the one class, but if you collect 6 champions you’ll get a silver combo with a twice higher bonus. So if you collect 8 champions of the same class you’ll get the golden combo with the strongest possible bonus for this class.

Usually, it is important to learn what classes and races benefit from each other. Thus you’ll need not only to collect the golden bonus but a specific race-class combo. You can check out some Teamfight Tactics builds below.

Teamfight Tactics Rebel Build Guide
Teamfight Tactics Chrono Build Guide
Teamfight Tactics Dark Star Build Guide

Note that these builds are applicable to TFT Galaxies season


We have already mentioned that there are items in TFT. You can put them on your champions anytime to get bonuses to their damage or defence. Also, you can upgrade those items by combining two different items on the champion. You will have the opportunity to see what item will appear after you proceed with the action.

But also there are some specific items in TFT. For example, there are items that can make you champion become of the specific extra trait in addition to those he already has. Or you can wear or obtain the item that increases the number of your team by one.

If you want to learn more about TFT Item Sets read this article.

In addition to it, there is Neeko’s help item that you can get only as a drop on PvP stages of the game. It will make a 1 start copy of the champion you apply it to. It can be very handy in the situations when you need just one champion to upgrade it to the 3 stars one.


In TFT a lot depends not only on your luck but also on your general understanding of the game. You’ll need to look at your opponents positioning in order to prevent him from backstabbing you. Also, you’ll need to put your champions on your part of the field wisely and protect them from the possible attack.

Keep in mind that there is no universal positioning layout that works effectively for any combo. You will need to adjust your playstyle every game in accordance to the team combo you collect.

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